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Republican Party NOT RELEVANT!

August 7, 2009

It is my opinion that the Republican party and the right wing base of that party is increasingly becoming no longer relevant to the circumstances, situation and conditions that exist in our 21st century world.
Many of the traditions of the past that the “right wing republican base” are attempting to pull into the 21st century are no longer popular or useful to our modern, relatively enlightened world. I am referring to the traditions of racism, unfettered capitalism, and imperialist wars of aggression.
Americans have learned and are continuing to learn from the experience of the past where their best interest is, and who represents that best interest.
Life is a learning experience and I am convinced that the Republican party being no longer relevant will no longer be seen as a major political party and will be dumped into the trash can of our dead past. The signs are there for those that can see.
A new left leaning political party will enter into the mainstream and be one of the major parties within a two party system.
The democrat party will become the new more traditional and relevant conservative party, taking the place of the no longer relevant republican party.
This new political realignment, is, in my opinion, going to happen pretty damn soon!


Universal Health Care!

July 18, 2007

Universal health care with a single payer system, has a meaning and philosophy that conservatives, it seems, fail to understand!
The philosophy is that everyone regardless of income are entitled to the best medical attention that a society can deliver! It is a right,…. not a privilege to only the privileged few.
The profit motive, of those in charge of our health system, is not to improve health, but it is the bottom line! …(To make more money than they spend on medical care, thus making a profit!)
If your house is on fire, the public fire department will not check on your credit rating before they go to your house to put the fire out!
The public sector has the responsibility to promote the well being of the public as a whole. The private sector is responsible only to their stock holders, and as they have often said, through out our american history,… “Full speed ahead! ..And the public be damned!”
Medical research has often been corrupted by those that are mostly interested in not what social good can be accomplished, but on how much money I can squeeze out of an unsuspecting public!


May 1, 2007

A dictatorship of the proletariat to my way of thinking does not mean democracy! It means that the working class find’s that it is necessary to be dictatorial to a still existent class enemy in their midst!
To tolerate a class enemy in your midst because they no longer represent an immediate threat to you is not democracy because the potential of opposition is still there and that exhibited tolerance can at anytime be lifted.
True democracy can only become a reality when you have the conditions that will allow for true democracy!
The conditions for a true democracy are the conditions of a classless society that exists under the conditions of material abundance, and where the need to compete to survive and thrive is no longer necessary, because of society’s material abundance that is available to everyone.
The stages between socialism and communism are very distinct and different stages in the evolution and revolution of society.
Under socialism you have a state apparatus that will use it’s police power to keep it’s citizens social and not anti-social!
That being so, socialism is not a true democracy!
Communism is a condition that can only become reality when a new type of individual is born and raised under the conditions of voluntary cooperation and material abundance.
A communist society means that you do not need police power in the form of a state apparatus that represents the working class or the capitalist class to tell you what to do and force you to be social.
Under the social conditions of material abundance, that allow you to to be social and cooperative a new type of human being will come into existance under communism. ….A human being that is truly an individual!
A social scientific individual that can think and do and cooperate freely without having to be told to do so by the authority of the state, .. or the rule of a capitalist class!


April 20, 2007

>> In most civilized communities people will regard the proliferation of guns within that community as a negative not a positive for the people living in that type of environment!
I am sure that our founding fathers understood that when they wrote the second amendment.
The second amendment of the constitution allows organized state militias to bear arms as a citizen army, not every nut that wants to prove his manhood by killing something or someone with his gun!
The problem with the pro gun crowd is that they think only in a dogmatic fashion!..They do not know how to make judgements on the subject of guns by determining the precise situation, circumstance and condition that happens to exist at a particular moment in time!
The gun lobby I am sure would be happy if America became like Iraq! Where every tribe has their own militia and they are fighting each other so that they can rule the roost and dominate and control the surrounding areas!…..The gun lobby would make mucho dollars if that kind of situation existed in the USA!
When the conditions in America become so critical that Americans need to protect themselves from a government that can only hold on to their power by suppressing their people at the point of a gun, then and only then is the time when the people in America should arm themselves so as to protect themselves!….Otherwise the only people that will get hurt and killed are the innocent people in the community!

Global Class Warfare!

April 10, 2007

The world has changed because of the global economy and because of modern technology. The nation state is going out of business, it is a natural phenomenon. So get used to it.
What true progressives must do is to recognize that reality, …and then, progress forward into the future.
Political realignments are looming on the horizon! … Political progressives should becoome increasingly aware of that fact! As international capitalism turns into a global dictatorship, a dictatorship that is destined to destroy the working class and also the middle class.
Capitalism will price out of the market place those who are not rich, and only produce goods and services for those who can afford to pay their inflated price.
.. A high rate of profit is now the opperating norm and has eliminated the requirement that existed in the past, .. that requirement required only a mere profit to survive and compete.
Displaced former workers, displaced by automation, the former middle class destroyed and swallowed up by large global multi-nationals,and as all national and local governing forces increasingly become the representatives and puppets of this world totalitarian capitalist dictatorship, .. there can be only one choice left for the disposesed, .. and that is to align themselves with a world movement that will, and can, compete with this global dictatorship!…This world movement that will be a natural response to a world capitalist dictatorship, will be a movement that can and must offer the disposesed, as a first step, … a world that will take from the rich and redistribute their wealth to the poor, … as in a welfare state.
A benevolent dictatorship for the poor, is the only alternative to a dictatorship of and for the rich and powerful.
The concept of a political democracy in the world, is for now a joke! .. In the future perhaps it will be born again, when a new and different kind of person is born into this world. .. That person will be a secure social scientific cooperative being, and the opposite of a competitive anti-social, dogmatic insecure being, that for now, unfortunately roam the earth.
The writing is on the wall for those that can read and understand.

I Am An Athiest!

April 9, 2007

I am an Athiest and do not believe!
I either know! Or I don’t know!
To believe is to say you know without proof!
That is why believers need blind faith to support their beliefs,.. and to overcome doubt!
You don’t know, and you don’t understand, but you don’t have to know, and you don’t have to understand, because you have FAITH!… BLIND FAITH of what is real and true!
To doubt is to question, and the act of questioning means that you are lacking in faith!
You must accept without questioning to be a true believer!

That is why people with strong beliefs are opposed to our modern society and modern science! Modern science tells us that when you try to discover if something is true or false that you have to gather evidence and approach that evidence with an open mind and not pre-judge the outcome until you have enough evidence to say that within the laws of probability that what you are trying to discover is true under certain specific conditions and as long as those specific conditions that are known remain somewhat the same the outcome will be somewhat the same!

I do not live in fear that I will be judged by a higher power that will cause me to burn in hell for an eternity, because I don’t worship him and kiss his feet!
That kind of an egotistical god can kiss my ass!

I respect all life! All living things! As far as I know, this is it! There is no life after death!…So it becomes my passion to respect and love all living things because we are all here together at this moment in time and when that moment is over we will all become dust and we all will in time be forgotten!
Unless science can prove otherwise!
Richard Walters

The Bush Regime LIED! …WHY? WHY? WHY?

April 4, 2007

The big question remains, not asked!
Why is the Bush administration so hell bent on provoking the world into a war in the middle east?
I do not for a moment believe that this administrarion is ignorant, …and, “do not know what they are doing!”
The Bush administration’s lies are deliberate and calculating, so as to incite American public opinion to accept the idea that we are at war, and that the president is a war president, and therefor needs executive power in order to better handle this state of emergency!
Was this emergency concocted by power mad groups closely connected to the Bush administration?
The direction that our country is being pushed towards, is the direction of an executive dictatorship that is willing to take away American freedoms that are supposed to be guaranteed by the American constitution! …All of this is being done in the name of “Fighting TERRORISM!
The real question is WHY? WHY? WHY?