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The Process of Change!

February 23, 2009

A “leftist ideology” is as natural in the scheme of things as a “right wing ideology!”
What gives an “ideology” it’s particular character of being good or bad is the basic nature and character of the particular environment that the ideology inhabits.
The “Right Wing” fundamentalist’s strict adherance to rules, dogma and doctrine and the traditions of the past is as natural as a left wing ideology that challenges the traditions of the past and attempts to incorporate into the environment a more relevant way of thinking and doing.
The sin of left wingers is to attempt to bring about progressive change prematurely, before the conditions exist that makes progressive change necessary.
The methods that are used to hold on to power and to gain power by both the right wing and the left wing are similar. It is only the “centrist” political parties that attempt to prevent clashes between the right and left wing opposing views by attempting compromise. Eventually compromise becomes “sell out” and without a political center to keep the antagonists apart, a clash ensues between the old no longer relevant past and the new more relevant future. Eventually the war between the opposing forces stop when a new more relevant center is born that is able to compromise the differences between those that represent the still relevant traditions of the past and those that represent the new emerging progressive traditions that will exist in the future.
It is impossible to stop this process. It has been with us fom the beginning of time.


Global Capitalism!

May 7, 2007

The fascists on the planet are trying to consolidate their control over the working class and middle class!
The hand writing is on the wall for those that are not blinded by narrow nationalism and individual greed.
The globalization of the economy is causing a dramatic change all over the planet.
The global capitalists need to feed on the middle class and the working class in the struggle with their own kind for market share!
The capitalist class has outgrown nationalism. Now the entire world is their oyster and they must feed and swallow up the middle class and the working class of the entire planet!
They will build up a working class and a middle class in the developing countries in the world, and then they will swallow up their assets and destroy them as they are now doing in the more developed countries of the world!
The only way that this small group of competing global capitalists can hold onto power and to keep on exploiting the vast majority of the world’s population is to institutionalize fascism on a global scale.
The need for a mass market of consumers is a need that belonged to the past. Today and into the future the rate of profit, is and will be the rule of measuring how competitive you are!
That means most of the world population will be priced out of the market place!
Production will be geared to those that can pay the inflated price of that which is necessary to live!
The only response to this world fascism is to organize globally and struggle to take the means of production away from the fascist capitalists!


April 22, 2007

The war crowd has to be out of their mind to believe that the USA with it’s nuclear weapons and with it’s military might is going to conquor Militant Islam!
The strength of the militant muslim religious movement is not in their ability to challenge our military power and defeat that power with a superior army and weaponry! The fact of the matter is that militant Islam’s power throughout the world grows with every incident of superior force that is used against them. Their willingness to stand up against superior weaponry and die for the cause of Islam, is what they believe will cause moderate muslim religious groups to join their cause for Jihad against all non believers!
In other words, you are not going to defeat this religious movement with superior military might!! What you are actually doing is playing into their hands and delivering them new recruits to martyr themselves for the cause!
What will eventually defeat this fanatic religious movement that is rooted in the dark ages of the distant past, …is the modern world of the present, and the technology of the future!
With the end of isolation, superstition and unscientific ignorance, the world will be like one village, and all things that came out of the ignorance and isolation of the past will no longer be relevant to the world of the future.
In the meantime we have to live with the threat of terrorism and try to minimize the damage it can do by playing it smart and not exaggerate the problem but deal with it in a realistic manner.