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Equality and DIVERSITY!

October 26, 2007

Poor people hate rich people! Rich people hate poor people! Middle class people hate rich people and poor people! Black people hate White people! White people hate black people!…because they are not like us!…They are the scum of the earth,.. and we are the salt of the earth!…If they can only become more like us we will be able to tolerate them!
Diversity within an environment of equality would cause a shared assimilation and would add NEW blending elements to a joined relationship!
Assimilation on the basis of inequality would cause a sterile relationship where one part of a relationship becomes an extension of the dominant part of the relationship!
It is sterile because nothing NEW is added to the relationship!


Betrayl by the 2-party system!

October 9, 2007

What happened to the democratic party!

They used to be for the little guy! …They used to be for the ordinary people! …The people that in our past history, … was completely ignored and abused by the extended families of feudal landlords, aristocrats, and economic royalists!..

.F. D. R. and his new deal did a reverse run and for the first time in human history, gave the common man hope and dignity by enacting “The New Deal!”… He reformed the capitalist system and prevented a socialist revolution!

Now the democrats are a bunch of hypocrites! …They talk the talk but they do not walk the walk!

They are more interested in getting special interest money so that they can compete in a presidential election!…In so doing they are betraying the very people that they are saying they want to help!

The democrat front runners sold out to the pharmaceutical industry!.. They sold out to the military industrial complex! They sold out to the fascists in america that want a unbridled capitalism, unrestrained and allowed to run amuck, in their pursuit of the all mighty dollar!

The common working person, has been betrayed by our two party political system!

Our future generations, have been betrayed! …It is they that will have to clean up the trail of crap that this unregulated one world fascist capitalist oligarchy will surely leave them, … as they selfishly plunder the earth!

The democrats have become hypocrites on the Iraq war and they should be embarrassed, … and if they are not, they are insensitive to the values that were once the values of the democratic party!

The only democrat that deserves to be president is Dennis Kucinich!

Dennis Kusinich for PRESIDENT!

October 8, 2007

The media wont give him breathing space to present his views!
They keep him in a closet and regard him as quaint!
When the word gets out about what he is for and what he is against, a political explosion will occur that will cause a ground swell that will turn the democratic party upside down and Hillary will have to go home to her husband and be just a wife!
Dennis Kusinich will be our next president!