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Pragmatism Rules!

October 3, 2009

Their has never been a communist society, and if a communist society existed, the state apparatus would have withered away and you would have an administration of things not an administration of people. Obviously the conditions for the state to exercise power is present under the system of socialism and under the system of capitalism.
The economy that exists inside a capitalist and socialist society can be characterized as being that of a “Market Economy!” and that of a “Planned Economy!”
A “Market Economy” is designed to enrich the competing capitalists and to give prestige and power to the most successful for market share!
It is a “Top Down” system where the most successful competitors rule the market place and attempt to buy off all opposition.
Under a “Socialist Planned Economy” their exists not competition for market share, but “Cooperation” for the sharing of what is produced, with the entire society. Much of what was attempted failed in the former Soviet Union because the conditions and resources that would make this possible were not yet present in a powerful capitalist dominated world.
Under the old “Soviet Union” and under the capitalism of the USA and elsewhere, you have and had similar government rule that was for the most part pragmatic in their approach to governing their respective societies.
The amount of constitutional free speech and association and guaranteed rights under every and any government apparatus is contingent on the existing internal conditions. Every nations distinct history, culture, religion and psychological nature has everything to do with how the people under the stress of conflict and necessary change will conduct themselves.
To say that a socialist or a capitalist government will act in a different way to insure the preservation or extension of their particular economic system, is false. The history of conflict between opposing classes and nations have been for the most part, PRAGMATIC!
“Fascism,” is the dictatorship of the CAPITALIST CLASS!” “Socialism” is the dictatorship of the WORKING CLASS! ….“Democracy is possible under both Capitalism and Socialism when the conditions of revolution, rebellion, martial law, insurrection, and counter revolution, are not threatening the status quo of Capitalism and Socialism.



March 3, 2008

I am surprised that none of the debates did not bring up the subject that will be the centerpiece of the republican party’s platform! ” The SURGE is winning the war in Iraq!” 

Of course this view is a lot of crap! And I am wondering why the democrat candidates had not expounded on this false premise! 

Ethnic cleansing and the tribal war lords with their separatist militias have won the war in Iraq! 

The few thousand american troops that performed the surge accomplished very little in that vastly populated area of the world! It was like a mosquito biting a elephant! 

The government forces of Iraq with american backing have no real power or much influence within Iraq, or the entire region of the middle east! 

Only in the minds of Bush and his neo-cons does the irrational thinking that we are winning the war in Iraq exists! 

The millions of moderates that lived in Iraq and fled to other parts of the world Know the truth! 

The reason there is a decline in violence in Iraq is because ethnic cleansing was so successful!

 Tribalism won! Nationalism lost! Iraq is not a nation!