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Cooperatives underCapitalism!

June 28, 2007

It is my opinion that the reason why cooperatives do not work under a capitalist system is because of the mindset that evolves in a capitalist environment!
Those that are for social and economic cooperation and those that are for economic and social competition have a mindset that was formed under a condition of planned material scarcity.
It is my opinion that the only time when the conditions will be compatible for a society to function in a social cooperative manner is when a new type of person is born and evolves under a social condition of material abundance!
This type person will be a secure social scientific human being, that will voluntarily share what he or she has and will not have to be ordered to be social by a state apparatus run by a class of capitalists or workers!
You will have an administration of things! Not an administration of people!
It is my marxist opinion that when the social and economic conditions change to the opposite of what it was, the basic nature and the characteristics that flow from that basic nature will change to the opposite of what it was!


Dick Cheney and his CLASS!

June 28, 2007

Dick Cheney is only a symptom of a system that has gone amok! Cheney is an elite capitalist of the capitalist system! As he accumulated power within that system, he personifies the nature and the characteristics that are now rampant within the capitalist system!
Dick Chaney as well as the capitalist system are at this stage of their development, arrogant and ruthless toward anything or anyone that gets in the way of his ambition to fulfill what he believes is his destiny, and the destiny of his capitalist class!
During the short time of his rule, and the rule of his compliant president he has been able to transfer much of the accumulated wealth of the public sector , over to the private sector! This transfer is outright thievery of what belongs in the public domain! He has robbed the treasury and the american people of billions of dollars and had that money transferred from the american people to his crony capitalist friends!
Dick Cheney is a class conscious member of his capitalist class and at this point in time he seems bent on destroying our democratic government and replace it with a dictatorship of a capitalist oligarchy!


June 26, 2007

Cheney is a fascist! …He should be brought before a world tribunal and prosecuted as a war criminal!
Cheney’s mindset is no different than the Nazi war criminals that were prosecuted at the end of world war #2 for crimes against humanity!
The vice president should be impeached for the many impeachable offenses that he had and is committing against the constitution and against the people of the United States!
The entire civilized world is enraged against this vice president and his barbaric attitude with regard to torture!
I believe that Dick Cheney is a power mad fascist totalitarian!
He should be institutionalized before he hurts and kills again and again!


June 22, 2007

The argument for “the free market and free market values,” belong to the distant past, and are no longer relevant, within the capitalism that exists now in the 21st century!
The basic nature of the system of capitalism, and the characteristics that naturally flows from that basic nature, are much different than it was when.. “rugged individualism,”… was alive and kicking in the 19th century!
Everything changes, with time, and the capitalist system, is not immune to change!
The fact of the matter is… “free enterprise,” has been sold to those that can afford to buy it, and it is no longer “free enterprise!” The “rugged individualism” type of free enterprise, has been transformed and is now the opposite of what it was!… The capitalism of today is an all encompassing system, that has a life of it’s own, and the way it moves is predictable, if you know about, all of the parts, that make up this system, called “capitalism!”
A political government, that is a part of the capitalist economic system, for the most part, will serve those global capitalists, who are the masters of our economic life!
The early traditions of our government, was that of being a representative of the people, as a whole! Those traditions are still alive within our capitalist system, and progressives are trying to keep that tradition alive, for as long as they can!
The economic royalists within the private sector can function best within a closed society so that they can rob the general population in secret, without too much looking on as they rob us and exploit us!
I am sure that there are social minded capitalists that would like to be generous with their assets and spread those assets around to those in need!… But like I said,… the capitalist system, has a life of it’s own, and those who are the controlling capitalists,… the (10% that own 90% of the nation’s corporate wealth,)… at this point in time, must be ruthless, and uncompromising, so as to stay competitive with their own kind. Those capitalists that are not ruthless would be at a distinct disadvantage in the competition for market share! They eventually would become a non entity, swallowed up by the ruthless and uncompromising sharks in the capitalist sea of competition!
The failure of the popular media to analyze the capitalist system as a system with interactive parts, is the major reason why the general population is so much in the dark as to what is happening within our country and through out the world!

Ron Paul Libertarians!

June 18, 2007

Ron Paul voices the concerns of many folks that are shocked at where we as a nation are at, .. and where we seem to be going, .. into the future!
I kind of feel for him and the many folks that are also so concerned!
But my intellect tells me that the change that is taking place all over the planet is something that cannot be avoided!
The need for the system of capitalism to expand is a natural process of growing to keep from dying!
The american system has outgrown nationalism and now the world is it’s oyster! The global economy by it’s very nature is the enemy of the nation state.
To grow you have to feed on something so those that are connected to the global economy feed on world resources in the form of exploited labor world wide…. Middle class assets, are being swallowed up by the large multi nationals. … The public resources that are part of the public domain are increasingly being grabbed for private exploitation, by the global privateers. This is happening with the cooperation of the world bank!
Those that carry the flag of nationalism are rapidly becoming not relevant to our global economy! Those that carry the flag of internationalism will become the enemy of this global fascism that by it’s very nature will represent only those that are very wealthy share holders within their exclusive global structure!
The nation state and internationalism as represented by the United Nations has characteristics that the flag carriers of this global empire will not be able to stomach! The global empire builders cannot and will not tolerate the characteristics of representative government. A government that seeks to better the lives of the general population! Survival of the fittest or the richest is their philosophical view, ..And the public be damned!
Hey, you Libertarians! …At this particular point in time, it is not the government that is the enemy of the people, it is not the government that threatens our individualism. The fact is, that at this point in time, those that interfere most in the running of our daily lives, are the large corporations! They have a growing appetite to swallow and absorb everything that they can get their greedy hands on! They have a neurotic desire to bend everyone to their will!
Wake Up America!…It is later than you think!

The Iraq War and BLOOD MONEY!

June 16, 2007

The commander and chief of the armed services, president Bush, is…( according to almost 100% of the military press,)… “trying to fight this Iraq war on the cheap,” and in so doing he is shortchanging the troops on the front lines, by not supplying them with the much needed proper armor, equipment and medical attention, that they very much need!
The disgraced, former secretary of defense Rumsfeld, said that… “soldiers should put their life on the line with what they have, and should not complain about what they need!”
Let’s face it!..The Iraq war in the eyes of our so called president and his money-mad cronies,… is an opportunity, to make a lot of money! The Privateers, and contractors that represent the largest corporations in america, are making a killing as this war continues,…and at the cost of American lives, and taxpayer dollars! ..The money that they are making is BLOOD MONEY!
Major elements of the private sector is intent on destroying many elements of the public sector, including the U. S. military!
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The Democrats Will Win The Presidency!

June 16, 2007

The record turnout of democrats during the last election, was a revolution directed not only at the Bush regime but also at the conservative base of the republican party!
The belief that the American people are basically conservative was proven wrong in our last election! Historically Americans have rejected the conservative philosophy when that conservative way of thinking becomes rooted in the past and no longer relevant to the newly emerged conditions of the present!
It is becoming more and more apparent and therefor more obvious to most americans that it is not the private sector that is acting in the best interest of the American people!… It is the public sector!..And when that consciousness penetrates the skulls of the average american, they have always voted DEMOCRAT!