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June 14, 2008

I am for McCain! It’s about time we have an old man for president, that remembers the good old days, where women knew their place, and would stay home and bake cookies, and not think that they are as good as their male counterpart!
Wild sex is for men folk! …Decent women must set an example for their daughters by being obedient and non assertive so good decent men will marry them and take care of them, ..( as long as they do not stray from the path of righteousness!)
A President McCain will will not only keep our women-folk in line. he will also protect us from all our enemies everywhere on earth and beyond!
His Military Industrial Complex will not only destroy our enemies but we will make a lot of money as we destroy those that don’t think like we do!
100 years of glorious war is a small price to pay for the benefits that we will gather as we conquer the world!


Globalization and Immigration!

June 12, 2008

Globalization is the result of technology and a capitalism that has outgrown Nationalism!
It is no longer possible to keep people “down on the farm!”
The “browning of america” ..has caused white racists to loose their cool, and go crazy on the subject of “Immigration”.
The “fear mongers” that promote race hatred like Lou Dobbs are out of touch of what is happening in the 21st century!
They are like scared children, fearful and ignorant of the progressive social evolution and revolution, that is taking place on the planet.
Political and social change is coming at us like a freight train, and the ignorant racists that represents our not enlightened past, should get out of the way, or they will be run over by this freight train that represents our future!


March 3, 2008

I am surprised that none of the debates did not bring up the subject that will be the centerpiece of the republican party’s platform! ” The SURGE is winning the war in Iraq!” 

Of course this view is a lot of crap! And I am wondering why the democrat candidates had not expounded on this false premise! 

Ethnic cleansing and the tribal war lords with their separatist militias have won the war in Iraq! 

The few thousand american troops that performed the surge accomplished very little in that vastly populated area of the world! It was like a mosquito biting a elephant! 

The government forces of Iraq with american backing have no real power or much influence within Iraq, or the entire region of the middle east! 

Only in the minds of Bush and his neo-cons does the irrational thinking that we are winning the war in Iraq exists! 

The millions of moderates that lived in Iraq and fled to other parts of the world Know the truth! 

The reason there is a decline in violence in Iraq is because ethnic cleansing was so successful!

 Tribalism won! Nationalism lost! Iraq is not a nation!