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September 17, 2009

I am all for responsible reporting on the public airwaves! Those that use the airwaves to deliberately and repeatedly use fabrications that are not true, are dangerous to the public safety and to the constitution that is supposed to guarantee our rights of free speech. Americans have free speech rights, … but not the freedom to shout “FIRE!” when their is no fire, inside a crowded theatre!
The irresponsable reporting by the likes of “Glenn Beck” creates a “mob” mentality! A mob mentality that can and will (according to history) incite violence against those that are portrayed as different from that of the mob!
Let’s face it! There are those in america that are looking forward to inciting a “RACE WAR,” and are using the public air waves and the fact of a black president to incite mobs to act violently against the government of the USA!
You have to be blind to not recognize the conservative movement direction toward insurection of a pluralistic and multi-cultural america and instituting in it’s place what existed in our racist fundamentalist bigoted past!
All of this backward movement toward our unenlightened past is being done in the name of fighting “COMMUNISM!


Republican Party NOT RELEVANT!

August 7, 2009

It is my opinion that the Republican party and the right wing base of that party is increasingly becoming no longer relevant to the circumstances, situation and conditions that exist in our 21st century world.
Many of the traditions of the past that the “right wing republican base” are attempting to pull into the 21st century are no longer popular or useful to our modern, relatively enlightened world. I am referring to the traditions of racism, unfettered capitalism, and imperialist wars of aggression.
Americans have learned and are continuing to learn from the experience of the past where their best interest is, and who represents that best interest.
Life is a learning experience and I am convinced that the Republican party being no longer relevant will no longer be seen as a major political party and will be dumped into the trash can of our dead past. The signs are there for those that can see.
A new left leaning political party will enter into the mainstream and be one of the major parties within a two party system.
The democrat party will become the new more traditional and relevant conservative party, taking the place of the no longer relevant republican party.
This new political realignment, is, in my opinion, going to happen pretty damn soon!


August 5, 2009

Religion brings forth the result of having “peace of mind” regarding the fact of dying and no longer having consciousness. By believing what religion says is true and a “fact” does not make it an objective fact, it makes it a subjective notion that it is true and not false.
True science is not concerned about the subjective notions of what exists in your brain. True science is interested in what exists outside of your subjective consciousness. That what exists independent of your consciousness is that what is objectively real and true. It is true because it is verified by verifiable evidence and is not prejudiced by subjective notions of the real world.

Dennis Kusinich for PRESIDENT!

October 8, 2007

The media wont give him breathing space to present his views!
They keep him in a closet and regard him as quaint!
When the word gets out about what he is for and what he is against, a political explosion will occur that will cause a ground swell that will turn the democratic party upside down and Hillary will have to go home to her husband and be just a wife!
Dennis Kusinich will be our next president!


September 16, 2007

Individualism, greed and selfishness are caused by insecurity inside an environment of scarcity!
In an environment of material abundance where the need to compete for that which is scarce is no longer necessary because in an abundant environment everyone has what they need, and material wealth is not valued, because it is in abundance!
When you no longer need to compete to survive or to become rich, than the only option left to you, is to not compete, but to cooperate!
Modern technology can produce enough of what is necessary to provide economic security and well being for everyone on the planet! This could happen only with intelligence applied to a planned economy!
An economy motivated by individual profit can only cause an imbalance that will further threaten our environment and the well being of future generations!
Everything eventually will turn to the opposite of what already exists! The opposite of competition under the conditions of material scarcity, is…cooperation under the conditions of material abundance!
Human nature will reflect their surroundings,… and when their surroundings change the human nature will change, from competitive to cooperative!

Revolution or Reform?

September 2, 2007

Is what is happening to America the consequence of a conspiracy of a few evil doers? …Or is it some thing that is the inevitable result of a system that at it’s core demands that for it to grow so it wont die that it must move in a particular direction in a particular way?

If the problem is systemic and the problem can no longer be patched up with reforming the economic and political system, by throwing the rascals out, then the only alternative is to overthrow the economic and political system and replace it with an opposite to this system! … That is what is called revolution!

The opposite of a political and economic system that is based on competition and unrestrained exploitation is a system that is based on, … cooperation, and a planned economy!

Question: Does America and the global economy at this point in time need reform or does it need revolution?


April 20, 2007

>> In most civilized communities people will regard the proliferation of guns within that community as a negative not a positive for the people living in that type of environment!
I am sure that our founding fathers understood that when they wrote the second amendment.
The second amendment of the constitution allows organized state militias to bear arms as a citizen army, not every nut that wants to prove his manhood by killing something or someone with his gun!
The problem with the pro gun crowd is that they think only in a dogmatic fashion!..They do not know how to make judgements on the subject of guns by determining the precise situation, circumstance and condition that happens to exist at a particular moment in time!
The gun lobby I am sure would be happy if America became like Iraq! Where every tribe has their own militia and they are fighting each other so that they can rule the roost and dominate and control the surrounding areas!…..The gun lobby would make mucho dollars if that kind of situation existed in the USA!
When the conditions in America become so critical that Americans need to protect themselves from a government that can only hold on to their power by suppressing their people at the point of a gun, then and only then is the time when the people in America should arm themselves so as to protect themselves!….Otherwise the only people that will get hurt and killed are the innocent people in the community!