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July 26, 2010

The popularity of the “Tea Party” crowd has been greatly exagerated!

The people in America recognize this so called “Tea Party Movement” as “Comedy Relief” that will eventually be laughed out of existence,

The Republican party has been tainted by the poison that is “The Tea Party Movement,” and will probably never recover from “Tea Party Sickness!” A sickness that is narrow minded and bigoted to such an extreme that average Americans can’t help but be repulsed by this paranoid detached from reality hateful group of “mal-adjusted citizens.”

I personaly would like to see the broken Republican Party elect as candidates for the general election the weirdos that call themselves “Tea Partiers,”

In the general election. If the Democrats are pitted against Republican Tea Partiers, they, the democrats, will KILL the Republicans, and the Republicans will no longer be a viable political party within our two party system.


The Working Class will not lead thr Revolutiom!

June 20, 2010

Our Steel Industry, auto industry. Our heavy industrial base no longer exists and it is not mostly due to moving off shore. When workers threaten to strike for better conditions and higher wages, industry leaders threaten to move their factory out of the country or to automate them out of a job. What is happening is massive and entire regions in our industrial states are becoming extinct. Not only heavy industrial workers are being replaced by automation but also highly educated technical workers and skilled middle class professionals are being replaced by highly advanced technology. Artists are being replaced in advertising agencies by machines that can do a better job of drawing and painting, This is not what will happen in the future, this is what is happening now! Technology is decreasing the work force today!The few workers that are fortunate to have jobs will be well paid and be a part of the system. The revolution will be led by the displaced no longer needed workers and the former middle class that can no longer function as a middle class and others that will be priced out of the economy because a super rich oligarchy of super rich dudes, seeking the highest rate of profit in the shortest period of time will limit production of goods and services to only those that could afford to pay their incredibly high price for those goods and services. The rate of profit, not just a profit will be the name of the game. Those that will be locked out of the system will be the people that will lead the revolution!


June 20, 2010

The alignment of the Republican party, with that “Global Multi-National Corporation,” (British Petroleum,) and the positioning of themselves as their defender against the actions of our “American President” and “American Government,” will be viewed by the American people as an act of TREASON!

The people of the Gulf Region are suffering in a multitude of ways because of that “Deep Water” oil spill. This spill is and was demanding of immediate relief from the consequences of that deep water disaster.

The fact that President Obama had demanded and had created a Monetary Fund from BP to pay to the victims of BP’s criminal negligence should be applauded by all Americans!

The response by the “Tea Par-tiers” of immediate condemnation of the President for his efforts on behalf of those that were in dire need, because of this Multi-Corporation’s criminal activity, will be remembered, and be reflected by those that are not blinded, by “PARTY LOYALTY, in the coming elections.

I said it before and I will say it again! “The TEA PARTY” Ideology of automatically siding with the “Private Sector,” and always condemning the “Public Sector,” without giving any thought to context and the specific situation, will become the “Weight” that will sink the “Republican Party!”

The Predictable Future!

March 4, 2010

If the “NEW WORLD ORDER” is a global economic system of private capital that operates to enrich the largest holders of private capital, on a global scale, the NEW WORLD ORDER is already here.
The “Global Economy” is at this point in time our present day reality!

The concentration of economic power in increasingly fewer competing global economic entities was a logical and therefor predictable result of a capitalist system of competition where the larger economic entities consume the smaller less competitive economic entities.

The political state is a function inside of a capitalist state that has the responsibility to protect the national economy
The “NATION STATE” cannot exist inside a world that has grown from a economy of local national power to that of a economy of world wide global proportions

It is a logical conclusion to conclude that capitalism has outgrown “Nationalism” and can only continue to grow as a system, by abandoning the accompanying system of nationalism and attach itself to the larger system of globalism.

The former capitalist system of “National Competitive Capitalism,” will logically be replaced by a system of World Wide Capitalist Cooperation, of totalitarian proportions.
It will no longer be possible to compete without tearing itself apart in a competitive frenzy!

This “New World Order” is logically destined to increasingly become our future. But every cause creates a corresponding effect, and the reaction to a “CAPITALIST WORLD ORDER,” is a world order that is designed to give economic and political power to not the capitalist few, but to all of the people in the world without discrimination.
This condition can only come to our reality by replacing the “New World Order,” with a more advanced “New World Order,” that has a planned world economy that is designed to profit all of the people in the world equally.

Without competing nations in the world, and without competing capitalist entities, at each others throat, it can be logically assumed that the future eventually will become a future without war and conflict.
This non competition will be so, because of non existent competing Nations, and because of developing science and technology.
The more advanced “New World Order” will be able to provide an increasingly more social and scientific population, a future that will become abundant in what is needed to thrive as individuals.
Inside a social cooperative integrated one world society, earthlings will be able to share the experiences of all cultures instead of dominating cultures and destroying the culture that was dominated as it was in our competitive past!
Social and Economic Engineering is a predictable consequence of a past no longer relevant.
Unplanned competition and a separatist non social communities are no longer possible in a world that has advanced it’s technological know how to the extent where it is now possible to create a material abundance, so that all of the people that inhabit the planet earth can be materially and economically secure.


Moderates Rule!

January 3, 2010

It seems that the right wing base of the republican party is confused as to where the majority of people that call themselves “Republicans” are now moving towards.
At the best of times the base of the Republican Party has only represented 30% of the republican party. The 70% of Republicans that no longer feel the hate and fear that is generated by the Republican base, towards minorities and those of different religions. The Ideas promoted by “Religious Fundamentalism” is too similar to that which is promoted by the “Taliban” to be acceptable to most thinking Republicans!
The economic ideas of conservative “Libertarians” are not attractive to Moderate Republicans. The position taken by the Republican Base on “torture” has turned off most Moderates toward the Republicans, and they have joined the Democrats as a consequence, The followers of Reganism feel alienated from the ideology of the “Republican Base.” And all of these “lost souls” will join the Democrats or stay home and not vote.
If the “Left Wing Base” of the Democrats split and start a Third Party, the moderates will swarm into the ranks of the more relevant democrats and the right wing republican base will join the ranks of those that are a part of our dead, (no longer relevant ) past!
The “Republican Party” will become a part of our past history, and the “south will never rise again!”


September 29, 2009

The insurrectionists in Texas and in the southern states of America are looking backward toward a freedom from our federal democratic government, …and backward toward a liberated segregated provincial way of life, that is bigoted and white supremacist, and free from the ideas of the “Enlightenment.”
States Rights and republican conservatism and mercantile capitalism is the unrealistic thinking and goals of the most backward elements in the USA.
Wake up! The Twenty-First Century Capitalism is “Global” and all powerful! It is impossible to resurrect the past! The world of nationalism is being negated out of existence by the global economy. Capitalism and big business is all powerful and all global! For now it rules with an iron hand!
You backward Libertarian conservatives should wake up to today’s reality!
A “Public Sector” that has not sold out to members of the “private sector’s special interests” (for pieces of gold) … is supposed to represent and support the general public, and to do so by creating a total environment that will promote the general well being of the people as a whole.
To say that if the public sector does this kind of a deed is “Socialism” is crazy talk!
Government will rule either from the top down, … or from the “bottom up,” which is the way a democracy rules.
AS the planet moves toward an integrated one world global village we earthlings have to decide if we want to be ruled from the top down or from the bottom up!


September 25, 2009

Those of you that say, “Government” is the problem and that our economic salvation is to get government off our backs and to let the private sector without government interference be free to do what it does best for the system of capitalism and America!
You IDIOTS that believe this dogmatic Libertarian nonsense are truly blind to our recent American history!
The democrats have replaced the republicans as the “party in power” because of the obvious reason that the democratic party represents the “end of the Republican Era,” of “unrestrained capitalism,” that is allowed to run wild, without government oversight, as they pursue the “all mighty dollar!”
The economic collapse of the world market economy occurred during the Bush regime that cared little about the common good and only cared about investors making a quick profit, … and the “public be damned!”
The present day “Republicans” have gone so far to the extreeme and are allied with the out of touch backward thinking Libertarians that think that they know everything about economics but know nothing, except how to be greedy and anti-social, This type of activity is represented to their greedy anti-social followers, as being for “individual freedom.”
This “republican extremism,” will very quickly dump the republican party into the “trash can,” of the no longer relevant political parties that existed in our no longer relevant past!
With the disappearance of the no longer relevant “republicans,” from our modern day reality, I believe that their will be a new “political realignment.”
The democrats will morph into the modern day, relevant conservative party, and a socialist leaning party will become a mainstream party in a modern day two party system.