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National Capitalism Becoming Global Fascism!

January 31, 2010

The purpose of science is to be able to” predict outcome,” relative to verifiable factual information. The more verifiable facts in your possession, the more probability that what you state is true, is actually true.

The evidence is overwhelming that as sure as day follows night and that opposites attract and also repel.
The interaction of opposites is predictable. It is also scientifically accurate to state that physical and social change will take place as a consequence of this interaction of opposite forces.

With the knowledge of the basic nature of what exists, it is possible to predict what the character will be that will naturally flow, from that basic nature.

All things everywhere are constantly changing. This change, according to science, occurs as something that is sometimes gradual and sometimes sudden and abrupt.
All change develops and matures in steps and stages.

Everything that comes into being eventually will go out of being because that what no longer exists is replaced by that what is more in harmony with that, what is the changing conditions. The conditions being, the nature and character of the environment.

I predict scientifically, that “COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM” on a NATIONAL STAGE, will advance to the stage where the diametric opposite stage will take place, and that is the stage of ” “COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM on a GLOBAL STAGE.”
This is a scientifically accurate prediction and is becoming clearer with the passing of time, that the large economic entities are merging in increasingly larger exclusive Global Multi-Nationals that cooperate with each other so that they can arbitrarily control the worlds supply and the world’s demand, for the world’s resources, thus determining the climate of when to buy cheap and sell high.

In other words Free Enterprise has changed to the opposite of what it was. It is now a Controlled Private Enterprise.

American Capitalists are no longer National Patriots that are patriotically concerned with the well being of American Labor, Small Business and the American Consumer, they have moved on to the world stage, and they, as a world class of dominators, will cooperate among themselves, to enrich themselves, by exploiting all those that are not of their cooperating world class, of world dominators.
This state of being can only be described as “WORLD FASCISM!”

This is happening now and it will become more extreme with the passage of time.

Those that want to go backwards to the time of small business dominance, and the rugged individualism of our historical past, has missed the train that only moves toward the future.



The New World Order!

January 25, 2010

If the “NEW WORLD ORDER” is a global economic system of private capital that operates to enrich the largest holders of private capital, on a global scale, the NEW WORLD ORDER is already here.
The “Global Economy” is at this point in time our present day reality!

The concentration of economic power in increasingly fewer competing global economic entities was a logical and therefor predictable result of a capitalist system of competition where the larger economic entities consume the smaller less competitive economic entities.

The political state is a function inside of a capitalist state that has the responsibility to protect the national economy
The “NATION STATE” cannot exist inside a world that has grown from a economy of local national power to that of a economy of world wide global proportions

It is a logical conclusion to conclude that capitalism has outgrown “Nationalism” and can only continue to grow as a system, by abandoning the accompaning system of nationalism and attach itself to the larger system of globalism.

The former capitalist system of “National Competitive Capitalism,” will logically be replaced by a system of World Wide Capitalist Cooperation, of totalitarian proportions.
It will no longer be possible to compete without tearing itself apart in a competitive frenzy!

This “New World Order” is logically destined to increasingly become our future. But every cause creates a corresponding effect, and the reaction to a “CAPITALIST WORLD ORDER,” is a world order that is designed to give economic and political power to not the capitalist few, but to all of the people in the world without discrimination.
This condition can only come to fruitation by replacing the “New World Order,” with a more advanced “New World Order,” that has a planned world economy that is designed to profit all of the people in the world equally.

Without competing nations in the world, and without competing capitalist entities, at each others throat, it can be logically assumed that the future eventually will become a future without war and conflict.
This non competition will be so, because of non existent competing Nations, and because of developing science and technology.
The more advanced “New World Order” will be able to provide an increasingly more social and scientific population, a future that will become abundant in what is needed to thrive as individuals.
Inside a social cooperative integrated one world society, earthlings will be able to share the experiences of all cultures instead of dominating cultures and destroying the culture that was dominated as it was in our competitve past!


January 23, 2010

Their are some conservatives that advocate for limited government and their are some that argue for the immediate elimination of all government activity and to replace government functions with pivate sector control.
The latest Supreme Court Ruling that allows the unlimited use of corporate money for the purpose of influencing the direction of all government activity, is an example of the private sector’s attempt to overthrow the constitution of the USA and render public service no longer able to further the interest of the general public by the promoting the well being of the people as a whole!
The economic resources of big capital will smother any attempt by average americans to get their message before the public and the private sector’s rule will be, “THE PUBLIC BE DAMNED!”
The overwhelming power of unlimited capital that can be used for lobbying and buying off politicians the media and other opportunists in the private and public sectors of our economy, and dictating to all americans the way we should think vote and act can only be described as the beginning of a fascist America where the private sector will rule with out the pretense of being a democracy. The direct Rule of finance capital has always been understood as the rule of FASCISM!
If those of you that think that I am an alarmist with regard to what I have just written, will have a rude awakening when social security and all of our benefits and safety nets that are suppoed to protect us, especially during bad times are no longer regarded as desirable because they are a negative force, that is used against the maximizing of profits inside the marketplace.


January 13, 2010

It is impossible for a closed mind to be open to new ideas and historical facts that are new and different from what they are familiar with. History is full of dead heads that refuse to learn from the experience of others and refuse to acknowledge that they are wrong headed about that which they were convinced was true. It is a fact that those that are on the right wing of the political spectrum from the beginning of time to the present day represent a thought process that is grounded in refusing to stubornly accept anything that is different from what existed in the past. “What is good enough for my daddy is good enough for me!” is the popular refrain from conservative Right Wingers! They are traditionalists and so they will always fight against those that argue for necessary change and for a better future than what existed in the past and what exists in the present. Progressives from the beginning of time have organized movements that struggled against those that insisted that women are not equal and are inferior in every way to the men in the family and they should be treated as slaves. The separation of the races and the attitude of suppremacy was and is a concept that was and is promoted by Right Wingers and fought against by the progressive left wingers from the time of slavery to the present day. The period of the enlightenment was a movement that progressives attached themselves to and they fought the Right Wingers of that day that insisted on encouraging superstition, ignorance, blind belief in the dogmas of the church, torture, and anti science! Modernism, Science, and advances in technology are causes that progressives have historically struggled to advance, and those on the Right have consistantly fought against these modern advances in our environment. It is the Right Wing of the political spectrum that has advocated the dropping of the big bomb and nuking them into the stone age! This act of atrocity had never been uttered by progressives, only by the political Right Wing! Torture has always been opposed by the Movement of Progressives and advocated by the Right Wing movements. It is the Left Wing movemente that have historicaly been on the moral high ground, It is they that organized movements against the death penalty, and to protect our environment from those on the Right that would sacrafice our environment on the alter of Republican greed. By struggling together the progressive movement has been the cause that has ignited the imagination of those that had formerly been oppressed to move forward and throw off their chains that had shackled them to Right Wing oppression! It is and was always the political Right Wing that championed the Priviliged classes of slave owners large land owners, large capitalists and those that ruled with an iron hand, These Right Wing despots hated and oppressed those that were poor and disadvantaged. But history has shown us that eventually the worm turns and what had previously existed the opposite will occur.


January 4, 2010

Nations like everything in the universe, … if it does not come together and grow to it’s full potential, … it will fall apart and cease to exist!

It is the natural flow of events that government and the nations that it represents at it’s evolutionary beginnings will be small and innocent like a small child. But in time it will grow and mature and eventually will die and go out of existence. and be replaced by something that is more compatible with the constantly changing environment, circumstances and situations that exists at a particular point in time.

To say that all change is bad is the same as saying that all progress is bad, and should be avoided. ..This is typical of conservatives and Right Wingers that in a child like way, refuse to see the obvious, and cling to the past without understanding the present and the natural movement toward the future.

I hate to shock the sensibilities of you “Reactionary Righties”, but everything that exists will eventually change to the opposite of what was!

All NATIONS because out of necessity, will have to come together and become like a global village and individual nations will cease to exist.

The center of commerce at the beginning of the establishing of nations, were centered in the rural areas. In the USA, King Cotton ruled and provincialism was the “Way Of Life. But America changed and naturally became more mature. The Center of Commerce became established away from the countryside and toward the towns and villages, and then economic power came to the cities. After that States became the center of commerce, and after that power was centered in the Federal Government. Now we have the Global Economy and through all these steps of maturing economic growth the anti progressive Right Wingers had and are in opposition to every step of the way of this economic growth.

Nations and Nationalism had a beginning and it, like everything in existence will eventually come to an end. It’s predictable that the global economy will cause the effect of the people in the world to not separate but to come together as earthlings and to cooperate and not to compete for domination as people had done in the past. Common interest will cause humanity to establish a planned world economy so that they can use the world’s advanced technology to satisfy the needs of all earthlings everywhere.
The entire earth and all of the people on the earth can and will prosper under the conditions of cooperation.

Moderates Rule!

January 3, 2010

It seems that the right wing base of the republican party is confused as to where the majority of people that call themselves “Republicans” are now moving towards.
At the best of times the base of the Republican Party has only represented 30% of the republican party. The 70% of Republicans that no longer feel the hate and fear that is generated by the Republican base, towards minorities and those of different religions. The Ideas promoted by “Religious Fundamentalism” is too similar to that which is promoted by the “Taliban” to be acceptable to most thinking Republicans!
The economic ideas of conservative “Libertarians” are not attractive to Moderate Republicans. The position taken by the Republican Base on “torture” has turned off most Moderates toward the Republicans, and they have joined the Democrats as a consequence, The followers of Reganism feel alienated from the ideology of the “Republican Base.” And all of these “lost souls” will join the Democrats or stay home and not vote.
If the “Left Wing Base” of the Democrats split and start a Third Party, the moderates will swarm into the ranks of the more relevant democrats and the right wing republican base will join the ranks of those that are a part of our dead, (no longer relevant ) past!
The “Republican Party” will become a part of our past history, and the “south will never rise again!”