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Science is the Future!

August 29, 2010

As a DIALECTICAL MATERIALIST I would like to argue against the notion that PHILOSOPHY is or can be scientific, and that the ideas of philosophers can be regarded as a scientific truth.

“Dialectical Materialists” do not BELIEVE! They either, “KNOW”, or They “DO NOT KNOW!”

BELIEF is the absence of knowledge! That is why believers must rely on Faith to erase doubt from the equation.

Scientists rely on only EVIDENCE to understand what is real and objectively true.

Scientists approach the unknown with a open mind, as much as humanly possible so as to be objective and not subjective, and thereby prejudice their quest to make what is unknown, KNOWN.

Philosophers can only be “SUBJECTIVE” in their philosophical ideas. If they were not subjective, but objective in their understanding, they would not be “PHILOSOPHERS,” they would be “SCIENTISTS!”

Marxism is not a philosophy! It is a “SCIENCE”! A science of what is known of the past, the present, and consequently what will be the shape of our future. It is not what we as Marxists believe in. It is what we as marxist, KNOW as a scientific fact.

“Philosophy,” like “Religion,” is destined to be trashed and placed into the trash can of our backward past. The future belongs to “SCIENCE!”



August 13, 2010

Their are many “Conservatives” that are dirt poor! But seemingly what unites them is not INCOME but is a tendency to be very shallow in their thought process!

Conservatives cannot it seems, free themselves from the traditions that are no longer relevant to the constantly changing conditions, circumstances and situations that occur with the passage of time.

CONSERVATIVES, do not have the ability to soar above the forrest so as to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening inside the forest, and that is why they cannot see the forrest because of the trees.

Because of this surface understanding of what is happening all around them, Conservatives are inclined to not be aware of the true nature and character of a changing world that they fear is leaving them behind.

When you are able to see, understand and connect the past to the present and understand how the future will most likely unfold, then perhaps those that call themselves “Conservative,” will become smart enough to use their intellect, rather than their prejudices and primitive instincts, to survive and attempt to move forward in a changing world.

“Conservatives” have a dogmatic blind infatuation with the system of “CAPITALISM.”

The Conservatives appear blind to the fact that the system of capitalism has gone through many transformations, and is no longer a system of “FREE ENTERPRISE.” but has predictably changed from a system that was basically a competition inside a “FREE Market Economy of small business, to a Market Economy of basically a competition of LARGE CORPORATE Interests, with small business entities merging with the few corporate giants so as to survive in a fiercely competitive market place, …to a economic system, with a marketplace of cooperating global multi-nationals, that will increasingly control supply and demand inside a global marketplace, that will increasingly dominate and control and exploit economically all of the consumers and workers of the world.

Because every cause will create a predictable effect. The global market economy, that is planned and designed to profit the few by exploiting and dominating all those that are not a part of this world oligarchy will cause the effect of changing to the opposite of what exists.

That opposite is a Planned Economy that is designed to profit all of the people without discrimination on the planet earth.

It is my understanding, that to evolve, and to think on a level that is beyond instinct, and at the higher level that can be described as INTELLECT, is something that conservatives have not as yet been able to achieve.

Conservatives, it appears, had been born stupid, and most likely will die, stupid!

The RIGHT to benefit from society!

August 11, 2010

Those that are poor and receive charity from American institutions are humbled, and expected to be thankful for the privilege of receiving that what no longer makes them needy, according to the thinking of today’s conservatives.

It was regarded as a privilege in the olden days for the poor to receive from the aristocracy much needed bread crumbs and sustenance so as to stay alive.

They were expected to kiss the feet of those that fed them!

Today in this modern environment, those that are in need of a helping hand are no longer regarded as beggars that need to be dehumanized so as to receive help within our economy.

Our society has evolved and has created laws and civilized our customs so that in today’s environment a living wage and government assistance is regarded not as a “Privilege,” but as a “Right” that is guaranteed by the laws of the land!

The conservatives that like to lord it over the poor and make them feel less of a human being than those that have wealth, act exactly like the Aristocrats and Nobility under the system of Feudalism.

The “Rich” and “Well Born” in that day and age lorded over the Serfs, and the poor and expected them to grovel for the privilege of receiving their meager sustenance.

Thanks to the American Union movement and to the Progressive actions of enlightened humanitarians the old sick customs are dying and the future will no longer debase people because of income.

Helping your fellow man will no longer be regarded as “charity” or a “PRIVILEGE!”

It will be regarded by all civilized societies as a “RIGHT!”

The March of Time!

August 1, 2010

Time marches on!… Abraham Lincoln declared war on the Southern Confederacy because the Southern Confederacy was organized to separate the southern states from the United States of America!

This was definitely TREASON against the nation of the UNITED States of America!

By choosing to separate from our nation would have weakened our nation relative to the existing NATIONS in the world.
Constitutionally the Federal Government has supremacy over the States in many areas.

The recent court ruling regarding LAWS ON IMMIGRATION, has affirmed that it would not be in the best interest of the Nation as a whole to have all of the states have their separate immigration laws.

The concept that the best way to rule is to have individual states determine the laws of the land, is a concept that would weaken us as a nation and divide us so that we will no longer be a “United States of America.”

THE “GOOD OLe Southern Boys are way behind the times! The past is dead and buried and will never return and see the light of day.

Our Nation is no longer a strictly NATIONAL ENTITY. It is increasingly being replaced by the economic system of GLOBALISM.

The “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ruled by a Cooperating Capitalist Olagarchy that will design a world planned economy that will make the NATION STATE unnecessary as they conspire with the largest global capitalists to control supply and demand and exploit to the greatest degree all of the Consumers and Workers of the world.

The old concept of NATIONS will not exist as the economies of the world become one big organized “oligarchy” that plans to dominate and control the people of the world and will do so because it can!

Every “cause” creates an “effect” so this control of the people of the world by controlling what sustains them, will cause the dominated and controlled class victims to naturally rebel against these revolting conditions, and put into place the opposite of what exists.

That opposite would be a world wide planned economy planned to satisfy all of the needs of all of the people in the world without discrimination.

The greed of the profit gathering capitalist oligarchy will obviously reap havoc on the world’s resources and render our planet in bad shape.

Perhaps it will be at this point in time when economic classes no longer exists, that humanity will be able to repair all of the environmental damage.