A dictatorship of the proletariat to my way of thinking does not mean democracy! It means that the working class find’s that it is necessary to be dictatorial to a still existent class enemy in their midst!
To tolerate a class enemy in your midst because they no longer represent an immediate threat to you is not democracy because the potential of opposition is still there and that exhibited tolerance can at anytime be lifted.
True democracy can only become a reality when you have the conditions that will allow for true democracy!
The conditions for a true democracy are the conditions of a classless society that exists under the conditions of material abundance, and where the need to compete to survive and thrive is no longer necessary, because of society’s material abundance that is available to everyone.
The stages between socialism and communism are very distinct and different stages in the evolution and revolution of society.
Under socialism you have a state apparatus that will use it’s police power to keep it’s citizens social and not anti-social!
That being so, socialism is not a true democracy!
Communism is a condition that can only become reality when a new type of individual is born and raised under the conditions of voluntary cooperation and material abundance.
A communist society means that you do not need police power in the form of a state apparatus that represents the working class or the capitalist class to tell you what to do and force you to be social.
Under the social conditions of material abundance, that allow you to to be social and cooperative a new type of human being will come into existance under communism. ….A human being that is truly an individual!
A social scientific individual that can think and do and cooperate freely without having to be told to do so by the authority of the state, .. or the rule of a capitalist class!

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One Comment on “Communism!”

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