My site is designed to appeal to small children, and despicable adults!
The section devoted to small children has in it, humorous and educational poetry that rhymes and will amuse children and their parents for many generations to come!….The poetry is the original work of Richard Morton Walters and has never before been seen by the general public
The second section of this Richard Walters despicable site, contains an original never before seen, short story of a nine year old circus daredevil, that is entitled: “Daredevil Danny and the Death Defying Leap of Faith!”
This story is destined to become a children’s classic!
The third and last section of this original content site, is exclusively for adults and is off limits to children! The content is that of adult oriented original Dick Walters single panel cartoons and full page comic strips that will cause you to fall to the ground laughing! These original cartoons are despicable, outrageous and disgusting! No frontal nudity but their is strong language so there is a warning page for children and those that are easily offended!
You can visit my site by going to:

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