>> In most civilized communities people will regard the proliferation of guns within that community as a negative not a positive for the people living in that type of environment!
I am sure that our founding fathers understood that when they wrote the second amendment.
The second amendment of the constitution allows organized state militias to bear arms as a citizen army, not every nut that wants to prove his manhood by killing something or someone with his gun!
The problem with the pro gun crowd is that they think only in a dogmatic fashion!..They do not know how to make judgements on the subject of guns by determining the precise situation, circumstance and condition that happens to exist at a particular moment in time!
The gun lobby I am sure would be happy if America became like Iraq! Where every tribe has their own militia and they are fighting each other so that they can rule the roost and dominate and control the surrounding areas!…..The gun lobby would make mucho dollars if that kind of situation existed in the USA!
When the conditions in America become so critical that Americans need to protect themselves from a government that can only hold on to their power by suppressing their people at the point of a gun, then and only then is the time when the people in America should arm themselves so as to protect themselves!….Otherwise the only people that will get hurt and killed are the innocent people in the community!

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