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February 17, 2008

Before their was Nationalism their was Tribalism and the psychology of tribes was that outsiders were the enemy, and was inferior to our tribe, and only our tribe should conquer the world and make those inferior outsiders our slaves! Pride in ourselves and prejudice against everyone else was their battle cry! Then the tribes made alliances with other tribes so that they can conquer a number of tribes in other regions and make them their slaves! To keep order among the allied tribes, treaties were made and nation states were formed that kept the peace among the different tribes! That what was different was accepted and tolerated! Prejudice became a bad word because it interfered with the unity of the GREATER GOOD! The RELIGIOUS RIGHT are still stuck in the TRIBAL attitudes of the distant past! They wear the CLOAK of religion to attempt to give themselves respectability! It is only a cloak and their real religion is to return back to the family or to the tribal past of not trusting anyone and having wars to prove our pride and show our prejudice!



November 7, 2007

The “Democracy for America”.. held a PULSE POLL that was open to all democrats to see who would be the candidate that was running for president that the membership of this prestigious democratic organization would like to have nominated as the candidate for president on the democratic party ticket!

The candidate that won over the entire field by a healthy margin, was…DENNIS KUSINICH!

The members that voted for their favorite candidate, and that candidate was not Dennis Kusinich was outraged by the results!…Their response was enough to want to throw up!

My reaction was to post this reaction to their reaction!

My God ! What happened to progressives inside the democratic party!
Don’t you realize what is going on all around you!

Are you so blind that you can’t see what is happening inside the democratic party!

The popular media has an excuse!..They are stupid!…Progressives should know better!

The reason Kusinich won the pole is because the most millitant and the most get out the vote vanguard are the supporters of Dennis Kusinich!

Without these progressive militants the democratic party can’t win a straw vote or an election!..They are the necessary element that will bring victory to the democrats in the November elections!

But if Kusinich is not nominated by the democrats, the Kusinich followers, who are the most principaled activists of all so called progressives, will take a hike and start a third party or will write in Kusinich’s name in the general election on the democratic ballot!

It seems like a lot of SO CALLED progressives are victims of republican and media propaganda, that portrays Kusinich as a far out left wing nut case that cannot possibly win!

The truth is that they are afraid of him and his followers because he has everything it takes to win the general election and show them up as the weak compromising sell out opportunists that they are!

Fight FASCISM don’t COMPROMISE with MEDIOCRITY!…Get behind the best man!

Get behind Dennis Kusinich!


July 31, 2007

Political action taken by citizens of the America that I live in, is a political and moral right, protected and encouraged by the constitution of the United States! Those that are reluctant to take action to further, or protect hard won rights, are usually cowardly or indifferent to these particular American values!
Their are those that are on the political left that are not satisfied with the way things are and so they will always strive to change the status-quo to the opposite of what exists in the present and what existed in the past. Their battle cry is “It is no longer relevant!”
The political “Right Wing” has always been dissatisfied with what exists in the here and now and have always been, since the beginning of time, fearful of the unknown future,… so they strive to have our nation move toward the recent or distant past! Their battle cry is… ” We are not being loyal to our established traditions!
Their are those that are in the center of the political spectrum that are very much satisfied with the way things are and are fearful of change that points toward the future or the past, so they strive to keep change from happening,
They do so by compromising and selling out the champions of progress and the champions of tradition!
Polarization signifies that the political center is becoming increasingly less relevant, and that means a clash between those that want to move away from the “no longer relevant traditions” of the present and past, and those that believe that the traditions of the past are being betrayed by centrists and leftists, and these traitors, should be “eliminated, from the face of the earth!”
As a result of this clash, our country will move in the direction of change!
After that clash between the extreme right and the extreme left wing of the political spectrum,… a new compromise will occur and a new center will be born, and that compromise will represent a new and different center that is more relevant to the objective conditions that exist within the framework of our society.
This new marriage between the the past and the future, (the political Right and Left wing,) … will eliminate that which is no longer useful or relevant, to our modern day surroundings and retain the traditions that are still relevant and useful!
And that my friends is progress!…
.It is impossible to stop the forward movement of history!


April 21, 2007

The WARRIOR WIMPS are pretty brave when they hide behind a white sheet and a pillow case with two holes on it so they can see their hapless victim that they are about to hang from a tree!
The right wing fascist conservative republicans have always had a mob mentality!
They are always brave as hell when they are in a large group facing the enemy of one lone individual.
The reality is that they are like freightened little children, that only feel safe and manly when they are carrying a gun, in a mob, or bullying someone, that is much smaller and weaker than they are!
These so called warriors are always willing to go to war as long as they personally are exempt from being in harms way!
The Republican warrior wimps are motivated by fear of anything and everything that is foreign and different from what they are!
The United Nations consists of a bunch of foreigners so they can’t be trusted, according to these right wing warrior wimps!
Look out you gay faggots the warrior wimps will make your life misserable!
All you foreigners who don’t look and speak like the members of the master race, …will be sent back to where you came from!
The Warrior Wimps will keep America pure by establishing in America, an oppressive police state so that all these Warrior Wimps can feel safe!
I think that all of them should be institutionalized before they hurt someone!