The only people that you can trust in America are the Fascists and the Socialists!

They are the only people that the American people can be sure of where they stand on the important issues of the day!

Everyone in the middle of the political spectrum, are “compromising sell out artists” that cannot make up their minds as to the direction that America and the world should move toward.

They talk on both sides of their mouth and stand still when it becomes necessary to take a position and move in the direction of our no longer relevant past, and our not yet tested future.

The world is now a “Global Enterprise” and those that believe that Nationalism and the American Nation is destined for greatness are living in the past and are out of touch with our modern reality. 

World Capitalism has outgrown the “Nation State” and cannot care less about what is the best policy for the American people. for the Middle Class or the “American Workers”

The policy of “Open Borders” is a policy that is in effect in all nations, so that Global Capitalism can take advantage and have the border-less workers of the world compete with each other in a race to the bottom of the barrel for wages. 

The Global Oligarchy of the largest capitalists on the planet have a world view of how to exploit the people and the resources of the planet in the quickest and most efficient way.

The age of competition is over, except for workers wages. 

“The Consumers” of the world are rapidly becoming impotent and powerless as they must bow down to the price dictates of a cooperating capitalist oligarchy that is no longer interested in a mere profit, but only interested in the highest and quickest rate of profit that is possible under prevailing economic conditions.

This economic fascism can only be successful by controlling the world’s population with a world wide fascist police apparatus, that is as ruthless as was the regime of the Nazis under Hitler!

The only resistance to these global Fascists will not come from the gutless Center of the political spectrum, but it will come from the Left Wing of the political spectrum, as was the case for progress, from the beginning of time to the present day. 

A planned world wide fascist market economy that will naturally be designed to profit the few controlling fascist capitalists can only be replaced by a world wide global planned economy that is designed to profit all of the people in the world without discrimination. 

The coming to an end of the “NATION STATE” is apparent to all of the people that have eyes to read what is written on the “Wall, of the things that are destined to become!” 

The only decision that you must make is……..

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10 Comments on “The End Of The NATION STATE!”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about. The nation state will never vanish. Since your hero Obama the Worthless was elected, you had certain expectations of events going forward. We Capitalists knew from experience that his Socialist policies would fail. You now have to come up with rationalizations to explain his failures and your own.

  2. Nothing lasts forever, you dumb ass stupid conservative republican! Everything that exists has a life span, and will eventually die, and make way for something new and more in keeping with the times. If you don’t know that simple truth you are living in the Dark Ages!
    You don’t know crap about what is happening, because you are blinded by your fears and your hate of everything that moves away from what little you think you know, and what you are familiar with.
    I think you should enlarge your understanding of life in general and mature in your understanding of national and global politics.
    Your “Tea Party” friends are as clueless as you appear to be about everything that ever existed in the past, exists in the present and will exist in the probable future!
    You have a blind infatuation for a capitalism that no longer exists. and your caricature of our president is so much off the mark it is laughable!
    Grow up and wise up and think for yourself!

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    Mr. Walters,

    ” Nothing lasts forever, ”

    When today’s nation states fall, they will simply be replaced by other nation states. That is history. Study it, you could learn a lot.

    ” you dumb ass stupid conservative republican! ”

    Those who don’t have the intellectual firepower to keep up must resort to personal insults. I don’t mind. You’ve been so quiet, I thought maybe you had passed on.

    ” I think you should enlarge your understanding of life in general and mature in your understanding of national and global politics. ”

    Even though I do not have your age, I can bury you in any argument on any topic you wish to try.

    ” Your “Tea Party” friends are as clueless as you appear to be about everything that ever existed in the past, exists in the present and will exist in the probable future! ”

    We won’t be around to see your vision of the future fail to happen. I WILL be around to see my ” Tea Party ” friends hand your Socialist leaders a major political defeat in 6 days. We are what the experts call motivated voters, in that we will crawl over broken glass to vote your ideas out of power.

    ” You have a blind infatuation for a capitalism that no longer exists. ”

    The death of Capitalism has been greatly exaggerated.

    ” your caricature of our president is so much off the mark it is laughable! ”

    So our mighty President is not a pointy headed Marxist College Professor moron , who has never run anything?

    ” Grow up and wise up and think for yourself!”

    This from a bitter old man who’s brain is locked up with an obsolete brand of Marxism, that has failed in the Soviet Union, Cuba, and North Korea. Even old Communists would find your ideas laughable.

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    Mr. Walters,

    I am guessing that you did not study any history until you were seduced by Marxism. Since you had no historical context to compare it to and you probably already had a built in class envy because you never got off the economic basement of American society, Marxism is your answer.

  5. “I am guessing that you did not study any history until you were seduced by Marxism.”

    Alan,stop guessing about what makes me tick. You are as clueless about that as you are clueless about everything else that exists in the world, past, present and future!

    I have spent a lot of time with you explaining my views and world outlook, and it appears to me that it has all gone over your head.

    Lets face it! … You are a hopeless victim of those that have made you into a willing participant in the destruction of yourself and everything else that is no longer relevant to our constantly changing conditions.

    History teaches us that those that cling to that what eventually becomes decadent and rotten, will become exactly like that what they cling to.

    Nothing lasts forever! Including the “World of Nations!” A Nationalism that you cling to is now being destroyed not by communists, but by your friends the capitalists of the world.

    An observer of life would know that everything eventually turns into it’s opposite! That is why even “Right Wingers” that are not capable of using their intellect, know and fear instinctively that we are approaching a ” NEW WORLD ORDER!” that will be a “global power” that will confront Nationalism and destroy nations world wide!

    “Right Wingers” are not intelligent enough to understand that the richest and most powerful Capitalists of the world will become the agents that will control this global “New World Order” and will rule by forming a global “OLIGARCHY” and will create a cooperating, (not competing) planned market economy, that will be designed to enrich the richest capitalists of the world by exploiting to the greatest degree workers and consumers of the world by controlling supply and demand.

    Those that will serve this global Oligarchy will become as corrupt as those that became Nazis and served Adolph Hitler!

    You are already half way there!

  6. Alan Scott Says:

    Mr. Walters,

    Wikipedia defines Dogma as ” Dogma is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization: it is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted, or diverged from. ”

    I have asked you many times to give some proof, any proof that your predictions are correct. You can’t. You always just spout the same nonsense, that your stuff must happen because you say it.

    I dare you to make a coherent case that what you say is not Dogma.

  7. Alan Scott Says….

    … ” I dare you to make a coherent case that what you say is not Dogma.”

    Alan, I had made the case to you many times, defining “DOGMA!” and what is not “DOGMA!” I have also revealed to you my understanding of the “scientific method” that I am a proponent of. It astounds me that you are unable to comprehend what I have written in the many posts that I addressed to you on the web site, “Govt. is not your daddy!”

    I am rapidly coming to a understanding that you do not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the content of what I write.

    I will try one more time to get through to you, but I have a feeling that you do not want to become enlightened on what you are so pathetically ignorant of.

    “Dogma” is a belief system that is not based on “EVIDENCE,” but is based on “FAITH!” The scientific method is not a belief system, scientists either know or they do not know. They attempt to be as objective as is humanly possible so as to arrive at a truth and to transform a theory into a scientific fact.
    All belief is subjective and is prone to be static and absolute, Those that believe in “DOGMA believe in absolutes and that what comes into existence should always remain unchanging with the passage of time. Those that attempt to cause change to occur because the dogma that exists is no longer compatible with the constantly changing surroundings, and there for has no relevancy, are regarded by believers, of being “HERETICS” and subversive to the Status Quo.

    My understanding of social change is not dogmatic because I recognize all that exists will eventually cease to exist, and be replaced by that what is more compatible with the constantly changing external conditions.
    It is predictable within a particular degree of probability, that degree can be measured by the amount of concrete verifiable evidence. that is in the possession of social scientists and social anthropologists, that use the scientific method, in determining the probable truth of the matter.

    Scientists can predict with scientific certainty that “water” under the condition of temperature, will change it’s form from that of water to that of steam. This vapor form is what scientists say is a qualitative change that eventually occurs in all forms of matter in motion, The particular effect, steam that was caused by heat applied to water is a predictable occurrence and is a scientific fact that under similar conditions the same occurrence will happen over and over again as it did in the past, in the present and predictably it will occur going into the future.

    Matter and everything that reflects matter in motion moves in similar ways, and that is why science can predict within degrees of probability the quantitative and qualitative change that will occur in the future, had occurred in the past and the change what is occurring in the present.

    The conditions that were present under the system of feudalism was the cause that laid the foundation, that created the effect of capitalism. The conditions that exist under capitalism will lay the foundation that will cause the building of the foundation that will cause the effect of socialism, and the conditions that exist under socialism, will lay the foundation that will create the conditions that will cause the effect of communism.

    This is predictable and it will only happen when all of the necessary conditions mature to the point when it becomes necessary for a qualitative systemic change to take place.

    What I have said is not based on “DOGMA!” It is based on the concrete evidence that has shown itself in our past, in our present and will be repeated in our future.

  8. Alan Scott Says:

    Mr. Walters.

    When I ask for proof, I mean events that have happened or are happening now. I have looked up the term scientific method. Various definitions are available. They state that theories must be testable by observable phenomena. They must be able to be proven true or false by real world happenings. For the umpteenth millionth time, I ask what events that are happening or have happened, support your theory. So far all you are able to give me is pure BS.

    • Alan,
      Your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired.

      When you are blind you will not be able to see what is before your eyes.

      What I have revealed to you is the observable historical occurrence that happens due to the scientific process of “CAUSE and EFFECT!

      To be able to understand this scientific process you have to develop in the way you think the simple ability to follow a line of logic that starts with a simple understood fact, and develop a understanding from that fact a logical line of reasoning that will cause you to move from that point of fact to the logical conclusion as to what will be the logical next step in the line of reasoning.

      The scientific law of “cause and effect” was shown to you in my explanation in my post.
      To those that do not believe in “dogma” would be able to understand my line of logical thinking,

      If you are a “dogmatist” you unfortunately will never have the mental capacity to be able to think for yourself.

      You will for your entire life have to rely on simple disconnected non relevant information, supplied by sources that may have a selfish subjective ulterior motive, rather than a scientific objective relevant non selfish motive.

  9. Alan Scott Says:

    Mr. Walters,

    So you cannot give me specific events. Nothing has changed. But to change the subject. Are you very depressed over the drubbing your Democrats took in the midterm elections ?

    2 years of Socialism under Obama and the voters issued a restraining order.

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