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Basic Common Sense!

September 23, 2010

I admit that I have much to learn about many things! I am a simple high school drop out. but there are some things that I am very sure of, because it occupies the realm of basic common sense.

You don’t have to be a college graduate to understand generally how life moves forward, backward and seemingly stands still.

It is apparent to me that on the road of life you can attempt to either stand still in the present, move backward into the past, or move forward into the future.

From the beginning of time this has been the alternatives that people faced and they aligned themselves with one of those alternatives.

You don’t have to be a college graduate to be able to predict that eventually the people who stand still and compromise with those that want to go back to the way it was in the past, and those that want to move to the opposite direction from the way it was in the past and move forward to a way it will become in the future.
You can predict with scientific certainty that the political center will always compromise so that they can keep everything the same as it presently is. 

The centrists know, that if they can’t keep those that represent the past and the future apart by compromise, that it would be certain that the opposites of the political spectrum, will clash and what will inevitably happen is a backward movement to the no longer relevant past, or a forward movement to the untested future. 

Because the past is no longer relevant to the new emerging circumstances, situations and conditions, that exist in our changing environment, and the centrists are out of step with what is happening everywhere in our common environment, it becomes apparent that the moderate political center is destined to be replaced by a new moderate political center, that is more relevant to the constantly changing conditions.

It becomes apparent that the future can only become the diametric opposite of that what existed in the past and in the present.

It becomes obvious that a new moderate relevant political center will come into being so as to take the place of the old no longer relevant political center.

The role of this new political center, will be to moderate under the new revolutionary conditions, the relationship between the revolutionary opposite forces of those that want to be more revolutionary, and those that want to become less revolutionary, because the conditions do or do not as yet warrant a drastic change. 

This is all predictable because it is a repeat of what happened everywhere in history for as long as their has been a recorded history.

For anyone to say that the future cannot be predicted, has to be either not informed or a obsecuritist.


The Reflection of MATTER in MOTION!

September 22, 2010

A theory means that something has as yet, not been proven!

My understanding is that Science has proven that as far as Science knows that nothing has been proven to exist outside of “Matter in Motion.”and all that what reflects “Matter in Motion.”

It is my understanding that the meaning of the Scientific Method, is that Science either “KNOWS” or “DOES NOT KNOW!”

That science does not BELIEVE, there for does not need to rely on FAITH to eliminate “DOUBT!”

Science only relies on concrete indisputable evidence, to be able to say that this exists and is a scientific fact!

If science cannot prove that something out of the natural world exists, how can anyone possibly say, what many uninformed people have said about the composition of the world ” That it had not been proven that the world is not exclusively material.”

When I say that the world is exclusively material, my meaning is that what is composed of matter, and all that reflects matter in motion!

This reflection encompasses sound, art, language music, math etc. etc. This is the understanding of dialectical materialists from the get go, and it is not in conflict with my understanding of materialism.

My objections are with those that use the reflection of Matter as an argument that, “their exists non material substances that prove that the world is not entirely Matter.”

The reflection of material substances and the consequences that occur as a result of this connection is a part of my understanding of dialectical Materialism!


September 17, 2010

I have always maintained that Marxism is a way to understand the way society changes “SCIENTIFICALLY!”
My understanding of the “Scientific Method.” is that SCIENTISTS do not believe! They either “KNOW or they DO NOT KNOW!”
“Belief” is the absence of knowing, and that is why BELIEVERS must rely on FAITH to eliminate doubt from what they believe in.
Scientists do not have or need FAITH , because their understanding is determined by “EVIDENCE” and the more verifiable evidence that the scientists have, the more probability that the findings of those that use the scientific method is correct.
Philosophy cannot be an objective understanding of OBJECTIVE REALITY.
The product of a philosophers abstract thinking. It is primarily not based on the discovery of evidence, but is the inner workings of the philosophers brain. It is SUBJECTIVE NOT OBJECTIVE!
“DIALECTICS is based on the “PHILOSOPHY of Hegel! But what MARX did with the philosophy of Hegel, was to turn HEGEL’S philosophy on it’s head and turn it into it’s opposite of what it formerly was.
Marx turned Hegel’s “Dialectic,” from a subjective Metaphysical philosophy of “How many angels could dance on the head of a needle,” to a Objective Materialist Science. A science that became “DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM!”
Dialectical Materialism is the understanding that Matter is PRIMARY and nothing exists outside of MATTER IN MOTION!
It is impossible to destroy or create the matter that exists, so the only conclusion that can be scientifically arrived at is that MATTER ALWAYS EXISTED!
Matter is constantly changing and the way it changes from one form to another form that is incidentally a more evolved form, …is by moving in a DIALECTICAL way that is forced to do so by the irreconcilable contradictions that exist inside of all forms of matter and everything that reflects “MATTER IN MOTION!” 

When Hegel’s Dialectics was transformed by Karl Marx it was no longer a subjective philosophy. It became an objective SCIENCE!
Qualitatively different from what it formerly was.

All true scientists attempt to discover what is objectively true and they attempt to do so by approaching their subject matter with as much of an open mind as is humanly possible.
To do otherwise would prejuidice their scientific findings and would contaminate what they were scientifically attempting to do.

Because my understanding of Dialectical Materialism is objective and not subjective.
It would not be rational for me to BELIEVE in Dialectical Materialism, because It is not an “IDEOLOGY! It is a SCIENCE!
A Science of understanding of what occurred in the past and what is occurring in the present and consequently what will occur in the future.

Because it is a scientific understanding. and it is not an “IDEOLOGICAL BELIEF, I cannot believe in what events will happen in the future! … I can SCIENTIFICALLY know what events will happen in the future!
I know that ‘Socialism will follow Capitalism and that Communism will follow Socialism!
This is not what I believe, this is what I know!
SCIENCE is capable of predicting outcome. Science when it understands a particular cause can accurately predict the particular effect of that particular cause.
Science using the scientific method can accurately predict the future!
Those that enter the arena to argue that MARXISM is an IDEOLOGY or a PHILOSOPHY is dead wrong and does the science of Marxism a disservice!

The March of Time!

August 1, 2010

Time marches on!… Abraham Lincoln declared war on the Southern Confederacy because the Southern Confederacy was organized to separate the southern states from the United States of America!

This was definitely TREASON against the nation of the UNITED States of America!

By choosing to separate from our nation would have weakened our nation relative to the existing NATIONS in the world.
Constitutionally the Federal Government has supremacy over the States in many areas.

The recent court ruling regarding LAWS ON IMMIGRATION, has affirmed that it would not be in the best interest of the Nation as a whole to have all of the states have their separate immigration laws.

The concept that the best way to rule is to have individual states determine the laws of the land, is a concept that would weaken us as a nation and divide us so that we will no longer be a “United States of America.”

THE “GOOD OLe Southern Boys are way behind the times! The past is dead and buried and will never return and see the light of day.

Our Nation is no longer a strictly NATIONAL ENTITY. It is increasingly being replaced by the economic system of GLOBALISM.

The “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ruled by a Cooperating Capitalist Olagarchy that will design a world planned economy that will make the NATION STATE unnecessary as they conspire with the largest global capitalists to control supply and demand and exploit to the greatest degree all of the Consumers and Workers of the world.

The old concept of NATIONS will not exist as the economies of the world become one big organized “oligarchy” that plans to dominate and control the people of the world and will do so because it can!

Every “cause” creates an “effect” so this control of the people of the world by controlling what sustains them, will cause the dominated and controlled class victims to naturally rebel against these revolting conditions, and put into place the opposite of what exists.

That opposite would be a world wide planned economy planned to satisfy all of the needs of all of the people in the world without discrimination.

The greed of the profit gathering capitalist oligarchy will obviously reap havoc on the world’s resources and render our planet in bad shape.

Perhaps it will be at this point in time when economic classes no longer exists, that humanity will be able to repair all of the environmental damage.


July 28, 2010

The terrorists that we should be fearful of, and guard against, are those American separatists that want to destroy our federal government and return all power to the STATES!

The southern strategy of those that are resentful that the south had lost the “War Between The States” are organized to bring back the traditions that existed during the “Good Ol’ Days of southern dominance in the good old USA.

The struggle against CIVIL RIGHTS has always been a passion that was centered in the SOUTH, and the battle cry, that “The South Will Rise Again!”
is a refrain that has been heard from the time of the civil war to the present day!

Those on the RIGHT WING of the political spectrum have in their ranks, those that have declared that they are willing to take up arms so as to destroy the Federal Government and insure that the individual States will become the primary force in America.

Abraham Lincoln had declared that this sentiment and activity was TREASON and declared WAR against the South for this subversive action against the United States of AMERICA!


It is this terrorist activity that we should be guarding against!


July 26, 2010

The popularity of the “Tea Party” crowd has been greatly exagerated!

The people in America recognize this so called “Tea Party Movement” as “Comedy Relief” that will eventually be laughed out of existence,

The Republican party has been tainted by the poison that is “The Tea Party Movement,” and will probably never recover from “Tea Party Sickness!” A sickness that is narrow minded and bigoted to such an extreme that average Americans can’t help but be repulsed by this paranoid detached from reality hateful group of “mal-adjusted citizens.”

I personaly would like to see the broken Republican Party elect as candidates for the general election the weirdos that call themselves “Tea Partiers,”

In the general election. If the Democrats are pitted against Republican Tea Partiers, they, the democrats, will KILL the Republicans, and the Republicans will no longer be a viable political party within our two party system.


June 21, 2010

It is apparent to those that have an understanding of how all things evolve on the planet and the universe! It’s rudimentary knowledge to those that have a brain that can follow a line of logic that will take you from the beginning of something, to a logical conclusion!

With the passage of time it is logical and natural to assume that with all things being equal technology and our scientific knowledge about all things that are important about humanity and it’s environment will increase to the extent that we will evolve to a higher more humane level. It is logical to assume that we will become “SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC BEINGS” that will take care of each other and take care of our planet EARTH!

The nature of people and also of animals, are to reflect and react to their surroundings.

In an environment of scarcity for that what is necessary to live and to thrive, all living things become aggressive and competitive so that they can get what is needed, before it runs out, and they are left with nothing. That what is scarce and what everyone wants becomes a STATUS SYMBOL, so the more you have of what everyone wants the more status you have in the community.

All of the above is not true and the opposite becomes the reality in an environment of enough to go around to satisfy everyones need.

Why would you need laws to control people in a social gathering when everyone is contented and secure with the knowledge that they have all what is needed and are striving to gain status and prestige by not what material things that they can gather unto themselves, but by what they can contribute to others, in the realm of the developing technologies, sciences, art, music, literature, medicine etc. etc.

Communists have said that when humanity arrives at this juncture of civilized living, that you will have an “ADMINISTRATION OF THINGS, NOT PEOPLE!”
That a new type of person will evolve out of an environment that is social, cooperative and materially secure, and that new type of humanity will be a “SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC BEING” that will have no need to have an administration enforcing laws so people would be social and compatible with their society.
A social scientific being will automatically understand the nature of his surroundings and how to improve his surroundings.

I am sure that their are those that would struggle to keep this “Communism” from becoming our reality! but in the scheme of things to come, all that exists evolves eventually to something that was better than what existed before. That is the nature of evolution. All things are an improvement over what occurred in the past. so like it or not, what will be will be, because there will be no other way for it to be!