I Am An Athiest!

I am an Athiest and do not believe!
I either know! Or I don’t know!
To believe is to say you know without proof!
That is why believers need blind faith to support their beliefs,.. and to overcome doubt!
You don’t know, and you don’t understand, but you don’t have to know, and you don’t have to understand, because you have FAITH!… BLIND FAITH of what is real and true!
To doubt is to question, and the act of questioning means that you are lacking in faith!
You must accept without questioning to be a true believer!

That is why people with strong beliefs are opposed to our modern society and modern science! Modern science tells us that when you try to discover if something is true or false that you have to gather evidence and approach that evidence with an open mind and not pre-judge the outcome until you have enough evidence to say that within the laws of probability that what you are trying to discover is true under certain specific conditions and as long as those specific conditions that are known remain somewhat the same the outcome will be somewhat the same!

I do not live in fear that I will be judged by a higher power that will cause me to burn in hell for an eternity, because I don’t worship him and kiss his feet!
That kind of an egotistical god can kiss my ass!

I respect all life! All living things! As far as I know, this is it! There is no life after death!…So it becomes my passion to respect and love all living things because we are all here together at this moment in time and when that moment is over we will all become dust and we all will in time be forgotten!
Unless science can prove otherwise!
Richard Walters

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