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A scientific social outlook!

April 10, 2008

Democracy is power coming from the bottom up! The opposite Fascism, is power coming from the top down!

Power is exercised by the state through political administrators and their political apparatus. Power is also exercised through those that hold the purse strings and therefor control our economic lives!

The private sector historically, has been at war with the public sector, because the private sector’s best interest is served by having power come from the top down, to have those that are the most successful within the economic system lead and control those that are not as competitive or as successful! The economic system fosters a desire not only for wealth but also for power and control!

Capitalism can only operate with power coming from the top down! When the administrators of our political system insist that political power should come from the bottom up and that politics should be democratic and representative of all of the people and their interests as a whole, the private sector screams “socialism or “communism and a witch hunt ensues to get rid of the subversives in our midst!

I am a dialectical materialist! That means that my understanding of history, and society and how it evolves is scientific!

Science is not a philosophy or an ideology or a religion, … it is a method that is used to predict outcome and to determine how things and forms evolve from the simple to the complex and then back to the simple, but a simple that is more refined and more complete than the simple form that existed in the past,.. and more complete and less crude and cumbersome than the complex form that it replaced!
To progress, is to move forward. Progress does not mean repeating itself being a copy of what existed in the past. To progress is to be more evolved and more complete and refined more streamlined than what occurred in the past!

The struggle for democracy in the USA is a struggle for relative democracy! The big question is, to what extent can the public sector remain relatively independent of the private sector!

No matter how you look at it the future is promising and bleak at the same time! We will go down the road to fascism, …rule from the top down, …and that situation will provoke the democratic forces to grow and to struggle in a increasingly more enlightened way than it had in the past!
Perhaps we will have a true revolution or perhaps we will have only a temporary reform!
Only time will tell!

What will society look like if a revolution takes place ?
Everything turns to the diametric opposite of what it formally was! What we have now is a global form of private ownership under the conditions of competition. a competition that is increasingly becoming totalitarian with less and less competition. … The diametric opposite of private ownership and competition is, .. social ownership and cooperation.

Those that administer this new revolutionary social arrangement will act in the same manner that previous societies had acted. They will do everything in their power to keep the new revolutionary society from being disrupted ,perverted subverted and overthrown! It will do what is necessary not what is desirable, to keep the new social order intact!

What will the future look like?
It is my view that in the not so distant future their will no longer be nations or individual nation states! ..Like it or not it seems clear that because of our advanced technology,in transportation, communication, and world commerce, and because of the absolute need for cooperation between all peoples of the world to achieve common goals, … that all what separates us will out of necessity be done away with, and global cooperation will become our new reality.
Like it or not, the new world order will rule a global village!
That global village will either be ruled from the top down, or from the bottom up! That will be the choice of those that come after us!



April 9, 2008

The people in charge in Iraq, are the separatists! The separatists with their militias have the support of the people! The tribal loyalties based on religion and ethnicity are united on eliminating all foreign terrorists including Americans from their land! After we are gone their will be a power struggle for domination by one particular religious or ethnic tribal group over all others! That is the way with tribal groups from the beginning of time to the present day!
A nation state does not exist in Iraq, except in the confused mind of Bush and Company and their confused simplistic followers!
The puppet government that we set up in Iraq has no power and has no support among the people in Iraq! ..All of the moderates that at one time may have supported us to a small extent, has long ago left their homeland and settled elsewhere! … Thanks to ethnic cleansing!
Tribalism has won in Iraq! Nationalism has lost! … And none of the king’s men can put humpty dumpty together again!