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May 22, 2007

I do not believe in dogmas or absolutes! The first amendment about free speech is a good model to strive for and is the cornerstone of a democracy!
The reason that certain ideals should not be written in stone and regarded as absolutes is because there are always exceptions to every rule!
Freedom of speech under certain conditions can cause incitement to mob rule directed against a particular unpopular group, religion etc. You don’t have the freedom to yell “fire!” in a crowded theatre. Every thing has it’s limitations, even freedom of speech!
You may believe that tolerance toward people that use hurtful and hateful speech, can be exercised under moderate conditions, where that speech will not cause a significant threat to those that the hate speech is directed against. But small snowballs can become large snowballs if allowed to roll down hill, and so perhaps it would be better to stop it from rolling in the beginning before it becomes so big it would be impossible to stop, and consequently engulf all of society.
In the not so distant past it was considered an exercise in freedom to be able to challenge a person to a duel and kill the person in order to defend one’s honor!
If the person insulted you or your family name, the law gave you that particular freedom of expression.
Progress is the moving away from the barbarity of the past. It is the realization that all human life is to be valued and laws in civilized society should be designed to keep us from killing each other! The freedom to do otherwise became illegal!
All traditions rooted in the past are destined to die when they are no longer relevant to the newly evolved conditions that exist in the present! The tradition of hate speech is destined to become a relic of the past because it will no longer be relevant within a society that is becoming increasingly more sensitive to the feelings of their fellow human beings.
The individuals in society that cannot adapt to the new ways of thinking and doing will eventually become corrupted, isolated and paranoid within a world that no longer regards them as useful, and relevant. So they will wither and die along with their outmoded traditions and ways of thinking and doing.
And I say “good riddance!”



May 13, 2007

Marx pointed out that all change takes place in stages!
One stage will lay the ground work for the following stage.
The outcome is predictable because of the evidence that exists of the history of the past the knowledge of what is happening at the present time, and the same pattern of change can be predicted for the future.
Marx explained about the negation of the negation and his dialectical thinking and understanding makes MARXISM not a ideology, or a philosophy but a science!
If that is true, and I know that it is true, how come so called marxists are not on the same page about where we are at, and where we are going and what it will be necessary for us to do once we get to where we are going.
I regard myself as a dialectical materialist. That makes me a social scientist. I understand the past the present and i can predict with a scientific certainty about what the future will be like! All true dialectical materialists should be able to do the same thing. .
There are those on the left side of the political spectrum that believe that democracy is what we should be fighting for within the capitalist system!
The fact of the matter is that at this critical stage of capitalism that we presently are at, it is no longer possible for america and the capitalist world to exist under the condition of a democracy! It is also impossible at this point in time for socialists to believe that they will establish a democratic socialism when they take over the means of production!
As long as their are antagonistic classes in society that exist in power and out of power,… you will have a state apparatus that will hold on to their power at the point of a gun!
You can only have a true democracy when the material conditions permit you to be social, scientific and cooperative where the need to compete in order to survive and thrive becomes a thing of the past.
You can only have a democracy in a classless society!

STUMPY needs help to wipe his ass!

May 11, 2007

This picture is an example of people not wanting to get their hands dirty to help someone in need!
Stumpy has been sitting on that toilet, in that public restroom, crying out for someone to help him do something that he cannot do for himself, because of his disability!
He refuses to leave that rest room with a crappy asshole!

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Iraq and the occupation!

May 8, 2007

Our being in Iraq is not going to affect the outcome of the civil war that is being waged by the competing tribes and their militias. They consider us as a “foreign army of occupation!”
We Americans in Iraq are regarded as a inept bunch of foreigners that cannot build back the infrastructure that we so competently destroyed!
The insecure, fragmented people in Iraq can only insure their personal safety by aligning themselves with a tribal militia group that can control the areas and regions where they have lived worked and prayed. … And have done so for many generations!
The government in Iraq is a joke! They cannot and do not want to bring order to Iraq! The president of Iraq wants disorder in his country because it serves the interest of his tribal master,… IRAN!
President Bush wants to continue our occupation of Iraq because he wants to establish a sphere of influence, in that region, because of oil.
The joke of the century is that we are in Iraq to bring DEMOCRACY to that region of the world.


Global Capitalism!

May 7, 2007

The fascists on the planet are trying to consolidate their control over the working class and middle class!
The hand writing is on the wall for those that are not blinded by narrow nationalism and individual greed.
The globalization of the economy is causing a dramatic change all over the planet.
The global capitalists need to feed on the middle class and the working class in the struggle with their own kind for market share!
The capitalist class has outgrown nationalism. Now the entire world is their oyster and they must feed and swallow up the middle class and the working class of the entire planet!
They will build up a working class and a middle class in the developing countries in the world, and then they will swallow up their assets and destroy them as they are now doing in the more developed countries of the world!
The only way that this small group of competing global capitalists can hold onto power and to keep on exploiting the vast majority of the world’s population is to institutionalize fascism on a global scale.
The need for a mass market of consumers is a need that belonged to the past. Today and into the future the rate of profit, is and will be the rule of measuring how competitive you are!
That means most of the world population will be priced out of the market place!
Production will be geared to those that can pay the inflated price of that which is necessary to live!
The only response to this world fascism is to organize globally and struggle to take the means of production away from the fascist capitalists!

The center of the Political Spectrum!

May 5, 2007

If you are FOR something, you are automatically against the OPPOSITE of what you are for!
That makes you a partisan and a radical in the eyes of those in the political center.
The political center can’t make up their minds as to what they are for and what they are against!
Those moderate centrist politicians, that sit on the fence, and try to figure out the way the wind is blowing, are the politicians that you have to look out for!
They are opportunists, and they do not have the passion to be for anything or anybody except themselves!
Of course many politicians and voters that take a moderate centrist position on issues, do so, because they are confused, and the reason that they are confused, is because they have a limited perception and understanding about the importance of the issues before them, …and they really don’t give a damn about political issues that does not involve their personal gain.
Intelligent and progressive voters and politicians are passionate about the world around them and would like to make the world a better place.
Moderates centrists are concerned about the well being of themselves and their crony friends,… and the public be damned!
They will compromise and and sell out the best interests of the general public for personal and private gain!
They cannot be trusted!


May 1, 2007

A dictatorship of the proletariat to my way of thinking does not mean democracy! It means that the working class find’s that it is necessary to be dictatorial to a still existent class enemy in their midst!
To tolerate a class enemy in your midst because they no longer represent an immediate threat to you is not democracy because the potential of opposition is still there and that exhibited tolerance can at anytime be lifted.
True democracy can only become a reality when you have the conditions that will allow for true democracy!
The conditions for a true democracy are the conditions of a classless society that exists under the conditions of material abundance, and where the need to compete to survive and thrive is no longer necessary, because of society’s material abundance that is available to everyone.
The stages between socialism and communism are very distinct and different stages in the evolution and revolution of society.
Under socialism you have a state apparatus that will use it’s police power to keep it’s citizens social and not anti-social!
That being so, socialism is not a true democracy!
Communism is a condition that can only become reality when a new type of individual is born and raised under the conditions of voluntary cooperation and material abundance.
A communist society means that you do not need police power in the form of a state apparatus that represents the working class or the capitalist class to tell you what to do and force you to be social.
Under the social conditions of material abundance, that allow you to to be social and cooperative a new type of human being will come into existance under communism. ….A human being that is truly an individual!
A social scientific individual that can think and do and cooperate freely without having to be told to do so by the authority of the state, .. or the rule of a capitalist class!