Universal Health Care!

Universal health care with a single payer system, has a meaning and philosophy that conservatives, it seems, fail to understand!
The philosophy is that everyone regardless of income are entitled to the best medical attention that a society can deliver! It is a right,…. not a privilege to only the privileged few.
The profit motive, of those in charge of our health system, is not to improve health, but it is the bottom line! …(To make more money than they spend on medical care, thus making a profit!)
If your house is on fire, the public fire department will not check on your credit rating before they go to your house to put the fire out!
The public sector has the responsibility to promote the well being of the public as a whole. The private sector is responsible only to their stock holders, and as they have often said, through out our american history,… “Full speed ahead! ..And the public be damned!”
Medical research has often been corrupted by those that are mostly interested in not what social good can be accomplished, but on how much money I can squeeze out of an unsuspecting public!

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4 Comments on “Universal Health Care!”

  1. rassi5 Says:

    you are right, i have a friend who is a die hard conservative, and he and i were discussing this very topic. he claims his views are best for Americans, but when i asked him what is best for the 40 million who have no health insurance, he said that he has; why can’t they. he also thinks that the minimum wage is wrong, and that we should get rid of it.

  2. despicable Says:

    Their were people in the beginning of our constitutional democracy, that were opposed to establishing a public school system! …They believed that it was dangerous to have non property owning poor people, educated in the same way that the rich were educated!
    Many conservatives still have contempt for the working poor! …It seems that they have a strong need to be able to say that I am better than you because I have more money than you!

  3. al66888 Says:

    I think you really don’t understand conservatives, or the health care system to be honest. First of all if you break down that 40 million, you’ll find it’s probably more realistically 8-12. Out of the 40 million, there are 10-15 million are eligible for medicaid/medicare and refuse to sign up. 40 % of the the uninured have been uninsured for less than 4 mos, and a majority of the uninsured are young and chose not to spend the $ on healthcare because they are, after all, healthy.

    NH has tried the whole universal health care system, and it’s failing miserably. Want to know why? People refuse to sign up for it.

    Conservatives don’t want to see people suffer, or to see the Pharm co’s make expensive drugs, we just don’t want govermnent, who hasn’t been able to have 1 fully functioning successful program, telling us which doctor we can see and how long we have to wait.

    You need heart surgury in the US, you go in and get it, you need it elsewhere, you wait for it. When Italy’s president had heart problems, where did he go: France? Cuba? Canada? Try the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland OH.

    You should try and control the anger, and get some facts. “many conservatives still have contempt for the working poor” Are you kidding me? If that wasn’t so bigoted, it would be laughable.

  4. Moondanzer Says:

    That is because they lack integrity,honesty,loyalty,bravery….they are consumed to fill their emptiness within their soul with money. In actuality they are weak and we the strong…that is why they have always tried to keep us the working poor oppressed…through out history. I know you are an athiest and I respect your right to your opinion…but, the Bible says it is us the poor, the down trodden, the salt of the earth, that will indeed inherit the earth. I have to really be careful here as of late…my temper is almost to the point of being out of control. That is why I have stepped back for a week or so. I need to cool down. I am not able to be objective…all I see is red!!! But I will be back sometime next week. If you didn’t get my message at Bumpzee…you just have to see the video I posted tonight…I just couldn’t control myself…it’s a good one!! http://moondanzerdelivers.blogspot.com I just don’t like Republicans at all period…ever again…I don’t care who they may be!!

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