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December 24, 2009

It is a fact that “Conservative Democrats” will screw up the programs and policies of the Democrats just like the Conservative Republicans are destroying the “Republican party” by compromising the natural tendency of their Republican base to move backward into the no longer relevant past.
There comes a time in politics and in life when “compromise becomes “SELL OUT!”
The “Middle Of The Road” conservatives, have no loyalty to anything or anybody. They are only in politics to feather their nest. They believe in nothing and will sell out to lobyists for personal gain. They are now and have always been “OPPORTUNISTS of the worst sort!
It is because of the “Middle Of The Road” centrists in both the democrat and republican party, that their deffinately will be a “Political Realignment,” in our good old American political system!
The Republican Party, as it is now constituted will go out of existence because it is too far away from the beliefs of the American public. It is no longer relevant to our present and to what will be our future!
The “Democrat Party” will be compromised by the Centrists and made to become the new more relevant conservative party.
A new political party will enter into the mainstream that will represent our aspirations for a progressive and more social future.
This will all be written in the “Book of Future Events!”