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Social Science!

March 4, 2010

The purpose of science is to be able to” predict outcome,” relative to verifiable factual information. The more verifiable facts in your possession, the more probability that what you state is true, is actually true.
The evidence is overwhelming that as sure as day follows night that opposites attract and also repel. The interaction of opposites is predictable. It is also scientifically accurate to state that physical and social change will take place as a consequence of this interaction of opposite forces.
With the knowledge of the basic nature of what exists, it is possible to predict what the character will be that will naturally flow, from that basic nature.
All things everywhere are constantly changing. This change, according to science, occurs as something that is sometimes gradual and sometimes sudden and abrupt. All change develops and matures in steps and stages.
Everything that comes into being eventually will go out of being because that what no longer exists is replaced by that what is more in harmony with that, what is the changing conditions. The conditions being, the nature and character of the environment.
I predict that “COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM” on a NATIONAL STAGE, will advance to the stage where the diametric opposite stage will take place, and that is the stage of ” “COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM on a GLOBAL STAGE” This is a scientifically accurate prediction and is becoming clearer with the passing of time, that the large economic entities are merging in increasingly larger exclusive Global Multi-Nationals that cooperate with each other so that they can arbitrarily control the worlds supply and the world’s demand, for the world’s resources, thus determining the climate of when to buy cheap and sell high. In other words Free Enterprise has changed to the opposite of what it was. It is now a Controlled Private Enterprise.
American Capitalists are no longer National Patriots that are patriotically concerned with the well being of American Labor, Small Business and the American Consumer, they have moved on to the world stage, and they, as a world class of dominators, will cooperate among themselves, to enrich themselves, by exploiting all those that are not of their cooperating world class, of world dominators. This state of being can only be described as “WORLD FASCISM!”
This is happening now and it will become more extreme with the passage of time.
Those that want to go backwards to the time of small business dominance, and the rugged individualism of our historical past, has missed the train that only moves toward the future.


Planned Economy!

December 8, 2008
 Lets face the facts! …The world capitalist private enterprise economy is in the toilet and is about to go down the tubes.  The world is on the brink of a necessary change from what was, .. to what will be.  The desperate need for a world economy that satisfies the material need of the entire world needs to be realized.
     Common sense tells us that for this to happen we must abandon the unplanned system of private enterprise and adopt a world wide planned economy that will utilize the world’s modern technologies without prejudice or discrimination to satisfy the material needs of the people and environment of the world


November 7, 2007

The “Democracy for America”.. held a PULSE POLL that was open to all democrats to see who would be the candidate that was running for president that the membership of this prestigious democratic organization would like to have nominated as the candidate for president on the democratic party ticket!

The candidate that won over the entire field by a healthy margin, was…DENNIS KUSINICH!

The members that voted for their favorite candidate, and that candidate was not Dennis Kusinich was outraged by the results!…Their response was enough to want to throw up!

My reaction was to post this reaction to their reaction!

My God ! What happened to progressives inside the democratic party!
Don’t you realize what is going on all around you!

Are you so blind that you can’t see what is happening inside the democratic party!

The popular media has an excuse!..They are stupid!…Progressives should know better!

The reason Kusinich won the pole is because the most millitant and the most get out the vote vanguard are the supporters of Dennis Kusinich!

Without these progressive militants the democratic party can’t win a straw vote or an election!..They are the necessary element that will bring victory to the democrats in the November elections!

But if Kusinich is not nominated by the democrats, the Kusinich followers, who are the most principaled activists of all so called progressives, will take a hike and start a third party or will write in Kusinich’s name in the general election on the democratic ballot!

It seems like a lot of SO CALLED progressives are victims of republican and media propaganda, that portrays Kusinich as a far out left wing nut case that cannot possibly win!

The truth is that they are afraid of him and his followers because he has everything it takes to win the general election and show them up as the weak compromising sell out opportunists that they are!

Fight FASCISM don’t COMPROMISE with MEDIOCRITY!…Get behind the best man!

Get behind Dennis Kusinich!