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Global Outlook!

August 31, 2009

My far out belief is that the “Nation State” economicaly and in every other way is no longer capable of acting in a rational way so as to be a positive force in the world.
What is needed at this point in time is a “Global Entity” that is interested in furthering not the “National Interests” of what exists on the planet, ….but rather, the global interests, economically and politically without discrimination. All of the basic needs of the environment, and of the people, on this planet should become the recipients of a planned global oriented economy, driven by lndividual need and not by profit.
The world banking system and the United Nations, as it is now organized to assist national capitalist interests are incapable of a world outlook that is necessary to save the world environment and the people within that environment.


The Predictibility of the FUTURE!

August 29, 2009

The reason all societies and everything that exists evolve eventually to an advanced stage of development than what formerly existed is the fact that life is a learning experience. If you understand science you will know that science has discovered that matter in motion is a interaction between opposite poles and that all forms of matter and all that reflect matter in motion follows a similar path as they evolve. The evidence of the way all things evolve are similar so it should be no surprise that the stage of Feudalism gave birth to capitalism, and it will be followed by the stage of socialism and than a system of communism will evolve out of the system of socialism. It is inevitable! It has been written in the stars and into everything that ever existed. You may not like what the future will bring, but it will happen because when all other possible alternatives have been exausted, … it is the only thing that can possibly happen! …IT”S EVOLUTION!
PS. …What will happen in the future will not revolve around your subjective likes or dislikes. The future does not give a damn about your subjective notions of what should be. The objective conditions is that what rules.

Class Warfare!

August 29, 2009

It does not take a genius to figure out that the workers artists and technicians that produce the technology and all that is valuable in the world will one day wake up to the fact that the owners of the productive forces that exist in the world. have gathered unto them selves, the giant share of the pie called the gross national product.
This exploitation by large corporate entities that selfishly are becoming more corupt and more vulger in the displaying of this stolen treasure, will one day have to face the victims that had the value that they alone had produced by their labor and their technological know how.
This is CLASS WARFARE that one day even republicans will recognize exists in the land of milk and honey!
It appears that the right wing base of the republican party is rapidly becoming not relevant and remains ignorant of what is the reality of the 21st century!

Rugged Individualism is Global!

August 28, 2009

“Individual effort” under capitalism was rewarded during the early stages of capitalism! The era of rugged individualism no longer exists except in the eyes of those that are too blind to see. Those that choose to not see clearly is like an infatuated lover that refuses to see that what they are obsessed about has changed from what it was to what it has become.
Capitalism is in our modern era, a global oligarchy that needs to grab world resources on a very large scale so as to stay competitive inside the world market.
Competition has eliminated those that did not have the resources and were not able to acquire the resources that would make them competitive in the arena of large and hungry sharks. Those that are not blind will see that this fierce competition has resulted in a concentration of capital where today 10% of the total amount of people that own for a living own 90% of the worlds wealth, and 1% own half.
We live in an era of capitalism that if you want to survive and be able to compete you must surrender your individuality and become a cog in a giant multi national corporation, cartel or conglomerate. … The small individual enterprises are disappearing along with the mom and pop stores.
The middle class is rapidly disappearing as capitalism enters the stage of “Global corporatism” .. and multi national capitalism.
As a number of workers and former middle class business types are priced out of the market place and out of the system of capitalism they will have no other alternative then to rebel against this oligarchy and put into place a planned economy that will serve the entire world community.

Predicting the Future!

August 27, 2009

What happens will happen because it is the only alternative that is left and compromising that what is about to happen becomes no longer possible. If that is the reality that is being confronted and their is nothing that can be done about it then objectively it can be predicted with 100% accuracy that what happens will be the diametrically opposite of what happened!

Scientific Social Change!

August 27, 2009

Nothing on the planet stays the same! Everything changes quantitatively and when it can no longer change quantitatively, the change will become qualitative.
Capitalism has gone through stages of development and like everything that exists everything has a life span and eventually capitalism like everything else that exists will go out of existence and will be replaced by the diametric opposite of what capitalism represents.
Because life is a learning experience, we ultimately learn from our mistakes the opposite that occurs when revolutionary change takes place is an opposite that is not the same as the change what occurred in the past. In other words history does not repeat itself, but progresses, becomes refined, and streamlined, … and like a spiral, moves upward and forward. Eventually history as we know it will go out of existence and a new form of history will come into being.

Defining Political Systems!

August 27, 2009

The definition of “Fascism” ” The dictatorship of the Capitalist Class!”
When the threat of an overthrow of “Capitalism” becomes apparent it becomes necessary to do away with any pretense toward democracy.
“Fascism” signals the end of the right to freedom of speech! Freedom to assembly! The end of civil rights! , Etc. The strict enforcement of “Law and Order”
Nazi philosophy is that part of fascism that is “Racist and bigoted!
“Socialism” is defined by having a nation that is ruled by “The Dictatorship of the Working Class!” This “Proletariat dictatorship was regarded as necessary to keep the former capitalist class from regaining power and overthrowing the dictatorship of the Working Class!”
“Communism” is defined as that which is built on a foundation of socialism.
Under communism you have a planned economy that has created the material conditions of enough abundance to allow the distribution of goods and services to be equally distributed to all of it’s citizens without discrimination. “From each according to their ability! “To each according to their need!” Under communism cooperation replaces competition. Under a system of “material cooperative abundance” a new type of human nature will be born out of this type of secure environment. A social scientific being that becomes their own leader and their own follower and does not need a political government or state apparatus to tell them what to do. Consequently the “State Apparatus” withers away and you only have an administration of things, … not an administration of people.