Global Class Warfare!

The world has changed because of the global economy and because of modern technology. The nation state is going out of business, it is a natural phenomenon. So get used to it.
What true progressives must do is to recognize that reality, …and then, progress forward into the future.
Political realignments are looming on the horizon! … Political progressives should becoome increasingly aware of that fact! As international capitalism turns into a global dictatorship, a dictatorship that is destined to destroy the working class and also the middle class.
Capitalism will price out of the market place those who are not rich, and only produce goods and services for those who can afford to pay their inflated price.
.. A high rate of profit is now the opperating norm and has eliminated the requirement that existed in the past, .. that requirement required only a mere profit to survive and compete.
Displaced former workers, displaced by automation, the former middle class destroyed and swallowed up by large global multi-nationals,and as all national and local governing forces increasingly become the representatives and puppets of this world totalitarian capitalist dictatorship, .. there can be only one choice left for the disposesed, .. and that is to align themselves with a world movement that will, and can, compete with this global dictatorship!…This world movement that will be a natural response to a world capitalist dictatorship, will be a movement that can and must offer the disposesed, as a first step, … a world that will take from the rich and redistribute their wealth to the poor, … as in a welfare state.
A benevolent dictatorship for the poor, is the only alternative to a dictatorship of and for the rich and powerful.
The concept of a political democracy in the world, is for now a joke! .. In the future perhaps it will be born again, when a new and different kind of person is born into this world. .. That person will be a secure social scientific cooperative being, and the opposite of a competitive anti-social, dogmatic insecure being, that for now, unfortunately roam the earth.
The writing is on the wall for those that can read and understand.

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