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McCain and the SURGE!

June 14, 2008

McCain’s entire claim to the presidency is based on the big lie, that his promotion of the surge, and the convincing of the Bush administration, to take that route, has given our side a big victory in the war so that we can now see light at the end of the tunnel, where victory now is possible.
McCain has to be out of his feeble mind to draw that kind of a conclusion.
Our small number of troops that represented the so called surge, was like a mosquito biting an elephant! It did nothing to change what is occurring with regard to terrorism or the ending of the civil war. 
When will republicans realize that Iraq is no longer a nation. Iraq is a group of tribal factions in a civil war with other tribal factions for the control of what was once the nation of Iraq.



June 14, 2008

I am for McCain! It’s about time we have an old man for president, that remembers the good old days, where women knew their place, and would stay home and bake cookies, and not think that they are as good as their male counterpart!
Wild sex is for men folk! …Decent women must set an example for their daughters by being obedient and non assertive so good decent men will marry them and take care of them, ..( as long as they do not stray from the path of righteousness!)
A President McCain will will not only keep our women-folk in line. he will also protect us from all our enemies everywhere on earth and beyond!
His Military Industrial Complex will not only destroy our enemies but we will make a lot of money as we destroy those that don’t think like we do!
100 years of glorious war is a small price to pay for the benefits that we will gather as we conquer the world!

Science Rules!

June 12, 2008

All philosophy is ideology that no longer has relevance in the modern world where SCIENCE RULES!
Philosophy is a outmoded subjective notion of a way to go to live a happy full life.
Science has made philosophy no longer viable in the 21st century!
The scientific method is an objective way of knowing!
Philosophy is a subjective way of believing, just like religion.
With science you can predict outcome by understanding the surrounding objective material conditions that exist in a surrounding environment! To be compatible with that environment can be objectively determined, therefor a subjective philosophy becomes no longer needed or necessary.

Knowledge is the understanding that is acquired by the scientific discovery of factual information. Philosophers may or may not use scientifically discovered factual information when putting together a philosophical concept.
Philosophy is is basically a concept that originates in a philosophers brain.
Scientific concepts originates from discovered provable facts.
Philosophy is subjective, if it was objective it would no longer be philosophy.
It would be science!

Globalization and Immigration!

June 12, 2008

Globalization is the result of technology and a capitalism that has outgrown Nationalism!
It is no longer possible to keep people “down on the farm!”
The “browning of america” ..has caused white racists to loose their cool, and go crazy on the subject of “Immigration”.
The “fear mongers” that promote race hatred like Lou Dobbs are out of touch of what is happening in the 21st century!
They are like scared children, fearful and ignorant of the progressive social evolution and revolution, that is taking place on the planet.
Political and social change is coming at us like a freight train, and the ignorant racists that represents our not enlightened past, should get out of the way, or they will be run over by this freight train that represents our future!

Obama-Mystery man!

June 2, 2008

I was impressed with Obama’s adult responses to his critics! It seems to me that he knows exactly how to move within the establishment.
I believe that Obama is smart enough to know what he can get away with and what he can’t get away with in a Washington environment! In that respect he is smarter than Dennis Kucinich that blew it in his race for the presidency!
Perhaps he is an intelligent opportunist and he is only for himself and is playing the game of we are all americans and their is not irreconcilable differences in America, that the differences are all in our mind so lets come together and become one happy family. and stop fighting among ourselves.
If he really believes that crap he is not as intelligent as he appears!


June 1, 2008

President Truman betrayed the principals of FDR’s “New Deal” Henry Wallace, Roosevelt’s Vice president, was FDR’s choice to be the president to follow him. Truman and the 80th congress laid the ground work for the takeover of this nation by the “Military Industrial Complex” The CIA that took over from “Army Intelligence” was infiltrated, with Truman’s knowledge and approval by former Nazis of the 3rd Reich and was the beginning of the creation of the establishing of fascism here in America! Truman and the 80th congress put everything in motion that would make America a police state and paved the way for the Bush family to subvert our American democracy!