Many people do not really understand the nature of the concentration of capital that exists in the world, and the consequences that flow from this evolving occurrence.
The entire world is increasingly at the mercy of accumulated capital, for better, or worse.
This accumulated wealth that is controlled by a small percentage of the world’s population, 1%… has a life, of it’s own!
Individual groups of combined capital by necessity are forced to move in the direction of grabbing more and more of the world’s resources, … or they will no longer be able to compete with the very few extremely large competitors that are still around! This is being done at the present time, at the expense of 90% of the world’s population, that owns only 10% of the worlds wealth!
To grow, you have to feed on something! So the “big fish” swallow the “small fish!”
It all comes down to perception and focus. To be able to see and understand what is happening around you,… you have to look at the entire picture.
It appears to me that for some people their perspective is such, that they cannot see the forest because of the trees. I will suggest that they stand back and perhaps climb a high tree, so that they can get a full view of the entire picture.
The popular thinking in America, that “the economy is not the bedrock that supports everything else in the system, … including politics,”… flies in the face of social anthropologists and social scientists world wide!
Many idiots still believe that “we are somewhat independent of economic forces, and that it is government that is the culprit that is encroaching on our individual freedoms.”
This is the way idiots and cowards rationalize the nature of their surroundings.
This rationalization occurs, I believe, because people feel intimidated, … and don’t want to be thought of as a “communist!”

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