REPUBLICANS …Not Sophisticated!

The majority of republicans are not evil, they are just not sophisticated enough to understand the intricacies of power politics! They cannot comprehend that they are being used and manipulated by forces that are covert and sinister. Their ignorance about what is happening all around them is pathetic. They are to be pitied rather then scorned!
Irrefutable evidence implicating the CIA the BUSH FAMILY and the republican party, not only of election fraud, {The stealing of the PRESIDENCY) but also the importation inside the USA of a fifth column of high placed Nazis from the third Reich, is something that boggles the mind! To admit that you have been taken for a fool by professional Nazi propagandists (The Ethnic outreach division) takes a lot of courage that many Republicans lack! When the MANHATTAN INSTITUTE, becomes the think tank of the republican party, and promotes racism (eugenics) and the republicans fall for it like a bunch of lollipops, it is hard to admit that you were suckered in by a bunch of Nazis! When the father of their president, as head of the CIA had engineered coups all over the world and was assisted in this activity by high placed German nazis that had infiltrated the CIA, it becomes not so far fetched that he may arrange a coup’Dtah to make his son president of the USA. The evidence points in that direction!
The democratic forces in America will resist this taking over of the USA by a nazi fifth column!

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