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October 18, 2010

The only people that you can trust in America are the Fascists and the Socialists!

They are the only people that the American people can be sure of where they stand on the important issues of the day!

Everyone in the middle of the political spectrum, are “compromising sell out artists” that cannot make up their minds as to the direction that America and the world should move toward.

They talk on both sides of their mouth and stand still when it becomes necessary to take a position and move in the direction of our no longer relevant past, and our not yet tested future.

The world is now a “Global Enterprise” and those that believe that Nationalism and the American Nation is destined for greatness are living in the past and are out of touch with our modern reality. 

World Capitalism has outgrown the “Nation State” and cannot care less about what is the best policy for the American people. for the Middle Class or the “American Workers”

The policy of “Open Borders” is a policy that is in effect in all nations, so that Global Capitalism can take advantage and have the border-less workers of the world compete with each other in a race to the bottom of the barrel for wages. 

The Global Oligarchy of the largest capitalists on the planet have a world view of how to exploit the people and the resources of the planet in the quickest and most efficient way.

The age of competition is over, except for workers wages. 

“The Consumers” of the world are rapidly becoming impotent and powerless as they must bow down to the price dictates of a cooperating capitalist oligarchy that is no longer interested in a mere profit, but only interested in the highest and quickest rate of profit that is possible under prevailing economic conditions.

This economic fascism can only be successful by controlling the world’s population with a world wide fascist police apparatus, that is as ruthless as was the regime of the Nazis under Hitler!

The only resistance to these global Fascists will not come from the gutless Center of the political spectrum, but it will come from the Left Wing of the political spectrum, as was the case for progress, from the beginning of time to the present day. 

A planned world wide fascist market economy that will naturally be designed to profit the few controlling fascist capitalists can only be replaced by a world wide global planned economy that is designed to profit all of the people in the world without discrimination. 

The coming to an end of the “NATION STATE” is apparent to all of the people that have eyes to read what is written on the “Wall, of the things that are destined to become!” 

The only decision that you must make is……..


The RIGHT to benefit from society!

August 11, 2010

Those that are poor and receive charity from American institutions are humbled, and expected to be thankful for the privilege of receiving that what no longer makes them needy, according to the thinking of today’s conservatives.

It was regarded as a privilege in the olden days for the poor to receive from the aristocracy much needed bread crumbs and sustenance so as to stay alive.

They were expected to kiss the feet of those that fed them!

Today in this modern environment, those that are in need of a helping hand are no longer regarded as beggars that need to be dehumanized so as to receive help within our economy.

Our society has evolved and has created laws and civilized our customs so that in today’s environment a living wage and government assistance is regarded not as a “Privilege,” but as a “Right” that is guaranteed by the laws of the land!

The conservatives that like to lord it over the poor and make them feel less of a human being than those that have wealth, act exactly like the Aristocrats and Nobility under the system of Feudalism.

The “Rich” and “Well Born” in that day and age lorded over the Serfs, and the poor and expected them to grovel for the privilege of receiving their meager sustenance.

Thanks to the American Union movement and to the Progressive actions of enlightened humanitarians the old sick customs are dying and the future will no longer debase people because of income.

Helping your fellow man will no longer be regarded as “charity” or a “PRIVILEGE!”

It will be regarded by all civilized societies as a “RIGHT!”

The March of Time!

August 1, 2010

Time marches on!… Abraham Lincoln declared war on the Southern Confederacy because the Southern Confederacy was organized to separate the southern states from the United States of America!

This was definitely TREASON against the nation of the UNITED States of America!

By choosing to separate from our nation would have weakened our nation relative to the existing NATIONS in the world.
Constitutionally the Federal Government has supremacy over the States in many areas.

The recent court ruling regarding LAWS ON IMMIGRATION, has affirmed that it would not be in the best interest of the Nation as a whole to have all of the states have their separate immigration laws.

The concept that the best way to rule is to have individual states determine the laws of the land, is a concept that would weaken us as a nation and divide us so that we will no longer be a “United States of America.”

THE “GOOD OLe Southern Boys are way behind the times! The past is dead and buried and will never return and see the light of day.

Our Nation is no longer a strictly NATIONAL ENTITY. It is increasingly being replaced by the economic system of GLOBALISM.

The “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ruled by a Cooperating Capitalist Olagarchy that will design a world planned economy that will make the NATION STATE unnecessary as they conspire with the largest global capitalists to control supply and demand and exploit to the greatest degree all of the Consumers and Workers of the world.

The old concept of NATIONS will not exist as the economies of the world become one big organized “oligarchy” that plans to dominate and control the people of the world and will do so because it can!

Every “cause” creates an “effect” so this control of the people of the world by controlling what sustains them, will cause the dominated and controlled class victims to naturally rebel against these revolting conditions, and put into place the opposite of what exists.

That opposite would be a world wide planned economy planned to satisfy all of the needs of all of the people in the world without discrimination.

The greed of the profit gathering capitalist oligarchy will obviously reap havoc on the world’s resources and render our planet in bad shape.

Perhaps it will be at this point in time when economic classes no longer exists, that humanity will be able to repair all of the environmental damage.


July 28, 2010

The terrorists that we should be fearful of, and guard against, are those American separatists that want to destroy our federal government and return all power to the STATES!

The southern strategy of those that are resentful that the south had lost the “War Between The States” are organized to bring back the traditions that existed during the “Good Ol’ Days of southern dominance in the good old USA.

The struggle against CIVIL RIGHTS has always been a passion that was centered in the SOUTH, and the battle cry, that “The South Will Rise Again!”
is a refrain that has been heard from the time of the civil war to the present day!

Those on the RIGHT WING of the political spectrum have in their ranks, those that have declared that they are willing to take up arms so as to destroy the Federal Government and insure that the individual States will become the primary force in America.

Abraham Lincoln had declared that this sentiment and activity was TREASON and declared WAR against the South for this subversive action against the United States of AMERICA!


It is this terrorist activity that we should be guarding against!


June 21, 2010

It is apparent to those that have an understanding of how all things evolve on the planet and the universe! It’s rudimentary knowledge to those that have a brain that can follow a line of logic that will take you from the beginning of something, to a logical conclusion!

With the passage of time it is logical and natural to assume that with all things being equal technology and our scientific knowledge about all things that are important about humanity and it’s environment will increase to the extent that we will evolve to a higher more humane level. It is logical to assume that we will become “SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC BEINGS” that will take care of each other and take care of our planet EARTH!

The nature of people and also of animals, are to reflect and react to their surroundings.

In an environment of scarcity for that what is necessary to live and to thrive, all living things become aggressive and competitive so that they can get what is needed, before it runs out, and they are left with nothing. That what is scarce and what everyone wants becomes a STATUS SYMBOL, so the more you have of what everyone wants the more status you have in the community.

All of the above is not true and the opposite becomes the reality in an environment of enough to go around to satisfy everyones need.

Why would you need laws to control people in a social gathering when everyone is contented and secure with the knowledge that they have all what is needed and are striving to gain status and prestige by not what material things that they can gather unto themselves, but by what they can contribute to others, in the realm of the developing technologies, sciences, art, music, literature, medicine etc. etc.

Communists have said that when humanity arrives at this juncture of civilized living, that you will have an “ADMINISTRATION OF THINGS, NOT PEOPLE!”
That a new type of person will evolve out of an environment that is social, cooperative and materially secure, and that new type of humanity will be a “SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC BEING” that will have no need to have an administration enforcing laws so people would be social and compatible with their society.
A social scientific being will automatically understand the nature of his surroundings and how to improve his surroundings.

I am sure that their are those that would struggle to keep this “Communism” from becoming our reality! but in the scheme of things to come, all that exists evolves eventually to something that was better than what existed before. That is the nature of evolution. All things are an improvement over what occurred in the past. so like it or not, what will be will be, because there will be no other way for it to be!


June 20, 2010

The alignment of the Republican party, with that “Global Multi-National Corporation,” (British Petroleum,) and the positioning of themselves as their defender against the actions of our “American President” and “American Government,” will be viewed by the American people as an act of TREASON!

The people of the Gulf Region are suffering in a multitude of ways because of that “Deep Water” oil spill. This spill is and was demanding of immediate relief from the consequences of that deep water disaster.

The fact that President Obama had demanded and had created a Monetary Fund from BP to pay to the victims of BP’s criminal negligence should be applauded by all Americans!

The response by the “Tea Par-tiers” of immediate condemnation of the President for his efforts on behalf of those that were in dire need, because of this Multi-Corporation’s criminal activity, will be remembered, and be reflected by those that are not blinded, by “PARTY LOYALTY, in the coming elections.

I said it before and I will say it again! “The TEA PARTY” Ideology of automatically siding with the “Private Sector,” and always condemning the “Public Sector,” without giving any thought to context and the specific situation, will become the “Weight” that will sink the “Republican Party!”

Desire to KILL!!

June 18, 2010

TUCO: “I’m salivating at the prospect of a red revolution. Moving targets!!”


Your stated desire to “KILL” is probably the only way that you can demonstrate how frustrated you are in a world that you find impossible to understand.
It is probably not your fault that your limited understanding of the world around you causes you to strike out in this fasion.
When what you are familiar with is about to change it is understandable that you would become frustrated and fearful of that change and worried about the need to adjust.
The “New World Order” and the “Global Economy” is causing your beloved “Nation” to no longer exist as it had in the past.
Your paranoid obsession with the enemy being “Communism” that you believe is the agent that will change your way of life, has blinded you to the reality that it is “Capitalism” that is changing your life by globalizing the planet and rendering “Nationalism” obsolete.
The “Capitalism” that existed at our Nation’s birth no longer exists. 
Capitalism has transformed itself from being a” Free National Competitive Enterprise” to a “Controled Global Enterprise” that inevitably will drive the planet toward a “New World Order” 
“Nations” will no longer exist on the planet and the control of this “New World Order” will be a power structure of a few of the largest corporations that will cooperate with their fellow capitalists, so as to control supply and demand, and thereby holding hostage the consumers of the world so that they can exploit and control them to the greatest degree. 
A “PLANNED ECONOMY for and by a Power Structure of a few of the largest global corporations that will insure their dominance over workers and consumers, through out the world can only generate a reaction from the consumers and workers of the world to rebel and create in the place of a “Global Planned Economy” for a few large corporations, to a “Global Planned Economy,” for all of the people on the planet!