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July 20, 2007

One of the largest drug companies that has monopolized most of the activity in the prescription drug industry, is at the present time trying to keep off of the market in India, a low cost prescription drug that they, the scientists in India, had developed.
This newly developed drug, is creating miraculous cures, for many of the debilitating diseases in the under developed countries of the world! 
The prescription drug manufacturers that have monopolized the industry, do not want or desire to have anyone anywhere in the world, develop a product or a drug that may possibly interfere with their high rate of profit.
 Any reasonable person can figure out that the private sector is no longer acting in the best interest of most of the people in America or in the world! … They are for their individual well being, and against the social well being of the people as a whole!
The philosophy of the private sector of our country and of the world has always been,.. “the survival of the richest, and everyone else can go to hell!” 
 Scientific development will only become humane and creative when private greed is eliminated from the equation,… and is replaced by the attitude of… what is good for humanity!


Universal Health Care!

July 18, 2007

Universal health care with a single payer system, has a meaning and philosophy that conservatives, it seems, fail to understand!
The philosophy is that everyone regardless of income are entitled to the best medical attention that a society can deliver! It is a right,…. not a privilege to only the privileged few.
The profit motive, of those in charge of our health system, is not to improve health, but it is the bottom line! …(To make more money than they spend on medical care, thus making a profit!)
If your house is on fire, the public fire department will not check on your credit rating before they go to your house to put the fire out!
The public sector has the responsibility to promote the well being of the public as a whole. The private sector is responsible only to their stock holders, and as they have often said, through out our american history,… “Full speed ahead! ..And the public be damned!”
Medical research has often been corrupted by those that are mostly interested in not what social good can be accomplished, but on how much money I can squeeze out of an unsuspecting public!