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Right Wing/ Left Wing/ Moderate Center/

December 26, 2007

The Left Wing of the political spectrum has always moved the general population away from what exists in the present and what existed in the past and toward a more compatible, relevant and ideal future! They fail to do so when they get so far out and so far ahead of the general public that the general public can’t see them or hear them! By distancing themselves the “LEFT” becomes no longer relevant to the general public and will be looked upon as radical kooks!

The Right Wing of the political spectrum are the traditionalists that want to bring into the present, some traditions of the past, that no longer have meaning and are out dated and are no longer useful under present day conditions!

The political center is supposed to represents a compromise between the movement toward our tribal past, and the movement toward a progressive future!

The political moderate center as of right now, cannot and does not represent traditions of the past, or an outlook for a ideal future-!! …They are at dead center, where they are for nothing and against nothing except their individual selfishness and individual greed!

They are no longer being the moderate center that compromises the differences between those that desire to go backward toward our tribal past, and those that want to go forward into a more relevant and modern future!

We desperately need a relevant meaningful political moderate center, to compromise the differences between the tendency to move quickly toward a new progressive future, or toward the old traditional outmoded past!

Our moderate political center that represents the here and now, is no longer able to compromise the inevitable clash between the opposing forces in our social arrangement! …So there will be a clash between the past and the future and a new revolutionary relevant functioning moderate center or present will be born!

Only Dennis Kusinich can bring into being a new modern moderate center that would be able to compromise with the traditionalists and be able to eliminate traditions that no longer have relevance , and retain those traditions that are still useful and relevant!
The role of the political center is to prevent us from moving too fast or too far into the future or into the past!

Being a Left Winger I recognize one fact of life!….My dream is for a progressive future! I do not see my role in society at the seat of power! …My role is to point the way to a future that is better then the present and the past!

If I was at the seat of power I would not be a Left winger pointing the way to a better future …I would be a moderate concerned with compromising differences so that we would have a not tumultuous present