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January 23, 2010

Their are some conservatives that advocate for limited government and their are some that argue for the immediate elimination of all government activity and to replace government functions with pivate sector control.
The latest Supreme Court Ruling that allows the unlimited use of corporate money for the purpose of influencing the direction of all government activity, is an example of the private sector’s attempt to overthrow the constitution of the USA and render public service no longer able to further the interest of the general public by the promoting the well being of the people as a whole!
The economic resources of big capital will smother any attempt by average americans to get their message before the public and the private sector’s rule will be, “THE PUBLIC BE DAMNED!”
The overwhelming power of unlimited capital that can be used for lobbying and buying off politicians the media and other opportunists in the private and public sectors of our economy, and dictating to all americans the way we should think vote and act can only be described as the beginning of a fascist America where the private sector will rule with out the pretense of being a democracy. The direct Rule of finance capital has always been understood as the rule of FASCISM!
If those of you that think that I am an alarmist with regard to what I have just written, will have a rude awakening when social security and all of our benefits and safety nets that are suppoed to protect us, especially during bad times are no longer regarded as desirable because they are a negative force, that is used against the maximizing of profits inside the marketplace.