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June 14, 2008

I am for McCain! It’s about time we have an old man for president, that remembers the good old days, where women knew their place, and would stay home and bake cookies, and not think that they are as good as their male counterpart!
Wild sex is for men folk! …Decent women must set an example for their daughters by being obedient and non assertive so good decent men will marry them and take care of them, ..( as long as they do not stray from the path of righteousness!)
A President McCain will will not only keep our women-folk in line. he will also protect us from all our enemies everywhere on earth and beyond!
His Military Industrial Complex will not only destroy our enemies but we will make a lot of money as we destroy those that don’t think like we do!
100 years of glorious war is a small price to pay for the benefits that we will gather as we conquer the world!



April 20, 2007

>> In most civilized communities people will regard the proliferation of guns within that community as a negative not a positive for the people living in that type of environment!
I am sure that our founding fathers understood that when they wrote the second amendment.
The second amendment of the constitution allows organized state militias to bear arms as a citizen army, not every nut that wants to prove his manhood by killing something or someone with his gun!
The problem with the pro gun crowd is that they think only in a dogmatic fashion!..They do not know how to make judgements on the subject of guns by determining the precise situation, circumstance and condition that happens to exist at a particular moment in time!
The gun lobby I am sure would be happy if America became like Iraq! Where every tribe has their own militia and they are fighting each other so that they can rule the roost and dominate and control the surrounding areas!…..The gun lobby would make mucho dollars if that kind of situation existed in the USA!
When the conditions in America become so critical that Americans need to protect themselves from a government that can only hold on to their power by suppressing their people at the point of a gun, then and only then is the time when the people in America should arm themselves so as to protect themselves!….Otherwise the only people that will get hurt and killed are the innocent people in the community!


April 18, 2007

There seems lately that their is a lot of crap flying in every direction with regard to what is occurring in America as of late!
First of all I have no doubt in my mind that conspiracies of all kinds and shapes are occurring in America and the world, and these conspirators I am sure believe that they are shaping history with their shenanigans! It seems to be some kind of ego trip that a lot of so called conspirators are on.
Their are those that are fighting these maniac idiots because they believe that these idiots are more important in the scheme of things than they actually are! …All of this action and reaction is to my mind, is self serving on all sides and only feeds the paranoia that is exploding in every direction!
The fact of the matter is that what is actually happening in America and elsewhere is that the system that we live under HAS A LIFE OF IT’S OWN, and the changes that are now occurring in America and the world is the result of not conspiracies,.. but of a predictable consequence of the system of capitalism, needing to expand, and become global, because it has outgrown Nationalism, and it needs to expand or die!
To grow you have to feed on something so the system grows a working class and a middle class, and than they feed on that what they created so as to survive and thrive!
What is occurring in America and the world is a transformation of the capitalist system, … and this was predictable over 100 years ago!
The basic nature of the system and the characteristics that flow from that basic nature, is changing dramatically. America and the capitalist world will,… because it is necessary for them to do so,..become a fascist world dictatorship, without even the pretense of representative government, … or democracy!
To survive in this type of environment the ordinary people of this world, must organize on an international level so as to compete with this global fascism!
The only direction that the soon to be dispossessed people of the world can go,…is the direction of establishing a benevolent world welfare dictatorship that will control the means of production for the ordinary people and will outlaw all forms of fascist capitalism.
That will be the first step that will be necessary as the world transforms itself from a world for the greedy few to a world that will eventually be a world for everyone,… under the conditions of social abundance and true individualism … An individualism that does not have to be dictated to by a forceful government or a privileged oligarchy!

I Am An Athiest!

April 9, 2007

I am an Athiest and do not believe!
I either know! Or I don’t know!
To believe is to say you know without proof!
That is why believers need blind faith to support their beliefs,.. and to overcome doubt!
You don’t know, and you don’t understand, but you don’t have to know, and you don’t have to understand, because you have FAITH!… BLIND FAITH of what is real and true!
To doubt is to question, and the act of questioning means that you are lacking in faith!
You must accept without questioning to be a true believer!

That is why people with strong beliefs are opposed to our modern society and modern science! Modern science tells us that when you try to discover if something is true or false that you have to gather evidence and approach that evidence with an open mind and not pre-judge the outcome until you have enough evidence to say that within the laws of probability that what you are trying to discover is true under certain specific conditions and as long as those specific conditions that are known remain somewhat the same the outcome will be somewhat the same!

I do not live in fear that I will be judged by a higher power that will cause me to burn in hell for an eternity, because I don’t worship him and kiss his feet!
That kind of an egotistical god can kiss my ass!

I respect all life! All living things! As far as I know, this is it! There is no life after death!…So it becomes my passion to respect and love all living things because we are all here together at this moment in time and when that moment is over we will all become dust and we all will in time be forgotten!
Unless science can prove otherwise!
Richard Walters