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July 31, 2007

Political action taken by citizens of the America that I live in, is a political and moral right, protected and encouraged by the constitution of the United States! Those that are reluctant to take action to further, or protect hard won rights, are usually cowardly or indifferent to these particular American values!
Their are those that are on the political left that are not satisfied with the way things are and so they will always strive to change the status-quo to the opposite of what exists in the present and what existed in the past. Their battle cry is “It is no longer relevant!”
The political “Right Wing” has always been dissatisfied with what exists in the here and now and have always been, since the beginning of time, fearful of the unknown future,… so they strive to have our nation move toward the recent or distant past! Their battle cry is… ” We are not being loyal to our established traditions!
Their are those that are in the center of the political spectrum that are very much satisfied with the way things are and are fearful of change that points toward the future or the past, so they strive to keep change from happening,
They do so by compromising and selling out the champions of progress and the champions of tradition!
Polarization signifies that the political center is becoming increasingly less relevant, and that means a clash between those that want to move away from the “no longer relevant traditions” of the present and past, and those that believe that the traditions of the past are being betrayed by centrists and leftists, and these traitors, should be “eliminated, from the face of the earth!”
As a result of this clash, our country will move in the direction of change!
After that clash between the extreme right and the extreme left wing of the political spectrum,… a new compromise will occur and a new center will be born, and that compromise will represent a new and different center that is more relevant to the objective conditions that exist within the framework of our society.
This new marriage between the the past and the future, (the political Right and Left wing,) … will eliminate that which is no longer useful or relevant, to our modern day surroundings and retain the traditions that are still relevant and useful!
And that my friends is progress!…
.It is impossible to stop the forward movement of history!


The Movement of PEOPLE!

July 28, 2007

The populations of many people in the world are no longer contented to stay down on the farm! They no longer feel that they live in the best of all possible worlds! Many feel that they must migrate from their oppressed and depressed conditions to somewhere or anywhere that will give them and their children a chance at staying alive! MANY ARE DESPERATE!!
Technology whether you like it or not has made this world a global village! Immigration is occurring all over the planet and is being encouraged by the global economy.
Walls and borders are laughable, and those of you are laughable, if you think borders and walls will stop this predictable flow of people migrating on the planet earth!
When local laws are enacted, and the laws are not compatible with the changing world conditions, the laws will be ignored, and regarded as quaint! … And that is as it should be!
If you insist on living in the past, you to will be regarded as a relic, no longer compatible with our modern world!
When you die people will say good riddance! …You were a hinderance to our necessary progress!


July 28, 2007

America and the world can only move forward and away from the barbarous inhuman, intolerant past that is no longer relevant to the modern conditions that has evolved over time!
Try as they may, the fearful, bigoted reactionary elements that seem so prevelant in our world today are breathing their last breath, and the deafening noise that you are hearing from these dying bigots,.. is only the noise that is produced by their death rattle!
There is too much water under the bridge of our civilized world for the Bush/Cheney mob to go against the tide and ultimately win!
A step backward will only force us to take two steps forward in the evolution of people, society and the world!
Do not fear losing the next election! Stay true to your principals! Do not compromise who you are for the delusion of a questionable victory!
Remember! One step backward only means that the next step will be two steps forward!
You cannot stop the forward movement of history! Life is a learning experience!


July 26, 2007

Now is the time that the Democratic National Committee should be put on notice by true progressives that if the democratic party does not call for the immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney ..that the progressives within the party will leave the party of the democrats and establish a progressive party, and compete with the democrats and the republicans for the presidency of the United States!
It is becoming very clear that the democrats that have the power and the seniority in the congress are unable to buck the system! They are tied so tight to the established economic power structure, that they are impotent!
The obvious unpopularity of the Iraq war, and the unpopularity of president Bush, would convince any sane person that it would be popular and easy to oppose Bush and the war, yet they do not because of their ties to the system!
The danger of America becoming a fascist corporate global oligarch is so real and appears so imminent that we the people no longer can wait until the next election! We must act now, and demand that the democratic party IMPEACH CHENEY and BUSH and immediately end the war and bring our troops home!
If they do not respond to our demands than we must leave the democratic party!


July 20, 2007

Change is on the horizon and it is apparent to those that have good vision and good sense!

The Global economy is here and it will not go away!…Modern technology is here and it will not go away!…Modern science is here and it will not go away!
The consequences of modern development is change that is different and the opposite from what existed in the past! ..And that is what makes the frightened little idiots that can’t let go of the past,… crap in their pants!

The modern humans of today are no longer content to stay down on the farm! …They no longer believe that they live in the best of all possible worlds.
Modern communication and modern transportation has inspired millions of people to leave their homeland and settle elsewhere in the world so as to make their lives more secure, more safe and more bountiful!

Large groups of immigrants are invading the more developed and advanced countries of the world because it is the only thing that they can do to survive!…
The global capitalists has allowed this to occur because the economy today is global and cheap labor from all over the world is the name of the game!

National interest is no longer relevant to the global capitalists! ..National economy is no longer relevant to the global capitalists. The nations workers are no longer relevant to the global capitalists. ..What is relevant is the global economy,.. and the rate of profit from that global economy!

Those that say that we have to rid ourselves of the global economy are whistling in the dark!…It will never happen under the system of capitalism!
You can become isolationist and revert to a national socialist or a national capitalist type of economic system but that type of isolated nationalism will become a national fascism, …introverted and paranoid about the outside world, and will eventually tear itself apart!
The only way that the human race will rid itself of a system of global capitalist fascism, is to struggle and organize, not nationally but globally for a socialist democratic society!
Regarding middle east terrorism! This is only a death rattle of those that are no longer relevant in a changing world! It is impossible to halt progress and move backwards into a barbaric past!
Humanity has traveled too far and is too experienced and too smart to be intimidated by tribal backwardness!
The western world and the eastern world and all worlds that existed in the past and exists in the present are on the brink of becoming extinct! They will all be replaced by a global village, and that global village will have the characteristics of a global fascist capitalist dictatorship, and that dictatorship will eventually be overthrown and replaced by a socialist non-capitalist dictatorship! and that dictatorship will be overthrown and replaced by a global village that has the characteristics of people that are so materially secure that they will not need a state apparatus to force them to be social, and you will have an administration of things! not an administration of people!
Those that think that they can stop this forward movement of history are fools!


July 20, 2007

One of the largest drug companies that has monopolized most of the activity in the prescription drug industry, is at the present time trying to keep off of the market in India, a low cost prescription drug that they, the scientists in India, had developed.
This newly developed drug, is creating miraculous cures, for many of the debilitating diseases in the under developed countries of the world! 
The prescription drug manufacturers that have monopolized the industry, do not want or desire to have anyone anywhere in the world, develop a product or a drug that may possibly interfere with their high rate of profit.
 Any reasonable person can figure out that the private sector is no longer acting in the best interest of most of the people in America or in the world! … They are for their individual well being, and against the social well being of the people as a whole!
The philosophy of the private sector of our country and of the world has always been,.. “the survival of the richest, and everyone else can go to hell!” 
 Scientific development will only become humane and creative when private greed is eliminated from the equation,… and is replaced by the attitude of… what is good for humanity!

Universal Health Care!

July 18, 2007

Universal health care with a single payer system, has a meaning and philosophy that conservatives, it seems, fail to understand!
The philosophy is that everyone regardless of income are entitled to the best medical attention that a society can deliver! It is a right,…. not a privilege to only the privileged few.
The profit motive, of those in charge of our health system, is not to improve health, but it is the bottom line! …(To make more money than they spend on medical care, thus making a profit!)
If your house is on fire, the public fire department will not check on your credit rating before they go to your house to put the fire out!
The public sector has the responsibility to promote the well being of the public as a whole. The private sector is responsible only to their stock holders, and as they have often said, through out our american history,… “Full speed ahead! ..And the public be damned!”
Medical research has often been corrupted by those that are mostly interested in not what social good can be accomplished, but on how much money I can squeeze out of an unsuspecting public!