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March 21, 2010

The philosophy of “Dialectical and Historical Materialism” was the first scientific explanation, that clearly explained how scientific understanding can explain how and why social change took place in the past and is taking place in the present, and what social change will look like in the future.
The fact that our capitalist society is fearful of a scientific method that can scientifically prove that Capitalism has within its social structure, irreconcilable contradictions that will eventually be the cause that will create the effect that will topple the system of capitalism and replace the system of capitalism with the system of Socialism.
The fact that this scientific discovery is being swept under the rug by the powers that be, is evidence that the system of capitalism is fearful of the public getting a scientific understanding of how and why societies change.
To believe that Capitalism will be a positive force in the world and will not change with the passage of time from what it was, to what it is, and to what it will become in the near and distant future is incredible stupidity.
Those that ignorantly believe that all social change is the result of subversive activity that changes that what is already perfect to that what is imperfect, is a rationalization by those that fear and hate that, what is unfamiliar.
This is why the Right Wing hate and fear merchants, go crazy when they are confronted with the possibility of a future that will challenge what exists in the present and what existed in the past.
The crap in their pants Right Wingers, and the stuck in the past Libertarians, should grow up and face the changes that will certainly occur in the future


The Predictable Future!

March 4, 2010

If the “NEW WORLD ORDER” is a global economic system of private capital that operates to enrich the largest holders of private capital, on a global scale, the NEW WORLD ORDER is already here.
The “Global Economy” is at this point in time our present day reality!

The concentration of economic power in increasingly fewer competing global economic entities was a logical and therefor predictable result of a capitalist system of competition where the larger economic entities consume the smaller less competitive economic entities.

The political state is a function inside of a capitalist state that has the responsibility to protect the national economy
The “NATION STATE” cannot exist inside a world that has grown from a economy of local national power to that of a economy of world wide global proportions

It is a logical conclusion to conclude that capitalism has outgrown “Nationalism” and can only continue to grow as a system, by abandoning the accompanying system of nationalism and attach itself to the larger system of globalism.

The former capitalist system of “National Competitive Capitalism,” will logically be replaced by a system of World Wide Capitalist Cooperation, of totalitarian proportions.
It will no longer be possible to compete without tearing itself apart in a competitive frenzy!

This “New World Order” is logically destined to increasingly become our future. But every cause creates a corresponding effect, and the reaction to a “CAPITALIST WORLD ORDER,” is a world order that is designed to give economic and political power to not the capitalist few, but to all of the people in the world without discrimination.
This condition can only come to our reality by replacing the “New World Order,” with a more advanced “New World Order,” that has a planned world economy that is designed to profit all of the people in the world equally.

Without competing nations in the world, and without competing capitalist entities, at each others throat, it can be logically assumed that the future eventually will become a future without war and conflict.
This non competition will be so, because of non existent competing Nations, and because of developing science and technology.
The more advanced “New World Order” will be able to provide an increasingly more social and scientific population, a future that will become abundant in what is needed to thrive as individuals.
Inside a social cooperative integrated one world society, earthlings will be able to share the experiences of all cultures instead of dominating cultures and destroying the culture that was dominated as it was in our competitive past!
Social and Economic Engineering is a predictable consequence of a past no longer relevant.
Unplanned competition and a separatist non social communities are no longer possible in a world that has advanced it’s technological know how to the extent where it is now possible to create a material abundance, so that all of the people that inhabit the planet earth can be materially and economically secure.


Social Science!

March 4, 2010

The purpose of science is to be able to” predict outcome,” relative to verifiable factual information. The more verifiable facts in your possession, the more probability that what you state is true, is actually true.
The evidence is overwhelming that as sure as day follows night that opposites attract and also repel. The interaction of opposites is predictable. It is also scientifically accurate to state that physical and social change will take place as a consequence of this interaction of opposite forces.
With the knowledge of the basic nature of what exists, it is possible to predict what the character will be that will naturally flow, from that basic nature.
All things everywhere are constantly changing. This change, according to science, occurs as something that is sometimes gradual and sometimes sudden and abrupt. All change develops and matures in steps and stages.
Everything that comes into being eventually will go out of being because that what no longer exists is replaced by that what is more in harmony with that, what is the changing conditions. The conditions being, the nature and character of the environment.
I predict that “COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM” on a NATIONAL STAGE, will advance to the stage where the diametric opposite stage will take place, and that is the stage of ” “COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM on a GLOBAL STAGE” This is a scientifically accurate prediction and is becoming clearer with the passing of time, that the large economic entities are merging in increasingly larger exclusive Global Multi-Nationals that cooperate with each other so that they can arbitrarily control the worlds supply and the world’s demand, for the world’s resources, thus determining the climate of when to buy cheap and sell high. In other words Free Enterprise has changed to the opposite of what it was. It is now a Controlled Private Enterprise.
American Capitalists are no longer National Patriots that are patriotically concerned with the well being of American Labor, Small Business and the American Consumer, they have moved on to the world stage, and they, as a world class of dominators, will cooperate among themselves, to enrich themselves, by exploiting all those that are not of their cooperating world class, of world dominators. This state of being can only be described as “WORLD FASCISM!”
This is happening now and it will become more extreme with the passage of time.
Those that want to go backwards to the time of small business dominance, and the rugged individualism of our historical past, has missed the train that only moves toward the future.