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November 17, 2007

The democrats are no longer able to represent the people of America!

We need a NEW POLITICAL PARTY that can become the new political center for our nation! The Democrats have been taken over by the BlueDog conservatives!

These republican like conservatives had moved the Democratic party to the political right, and so the Democrats are no longer relevant and have forfeited their role as a party in opposition to the Republican Party!

Without a relevant political center that can bring the political extremes together by compromising their differences, we can expect a clash between these opposite political extremes!

These opposing political extremes will bring about a violent revolutionary change and a new revolutionary political center!

This violent clash can be avoided if we peacefully bring into existence a relevant political center that is not tied to the global corporate oligarchy that controls our economic life!

The only way that this can be done is to dump the democratic party that is is in hock to the economic interests that own them, and replace the democratic party with a new economically independent progressive party!


The Best Man!

November 17, 2007

I want to vote for the candidate that is the best person for the job!..

.The proven record that is a perfect record and is attested to by all of the other candidates, because they now talk the talk of this particular candidate but unfortunately when push comes to shove they run away from their words and back track and become embarrassingly apologetic of their formerly held position!

Why? because they don’t have the courage of their convictions!
They attempt to demean the only candidate that had the foresight to be correct and consistent throughout his political career!

He has proven that he has the courage to stand up for what he knows is right! ..

This particular candidate because of his presence is a reminder to the other candidates how wrong they had been in the past, .. and how gutless they are in the present.

Perhaps that is why they ignore him during the presidential debates!

Dennis Kusinich is the only candidate that deserves to be president!


November 7, 2007

The “Democracy for America”.. held a PULSE POLL that was open to all democrats to see who would be the candidate that was running for president that the membership of this prestigious democratic organization would like to have nominated as the candidate for president on the democratic party ticket!

The candidate that won over the entire field by a healthy margin, was…DENNIS KUSINICH!

The members that voted for their favorite candidate, and that candidate was not Dennis Kusinich was outraged by the results!…Their response was enough to want to throw up!

My reaction was to post this reaction to their reaction!

My God ! What happened to progressives inside the democratic party!
Don’t you realize what is going on all around you!

Are you so blind that you can’t see what is happening inside the democratic party!

The popular media has an excuse!..They are stupid!…Progressives should know better!

The reason Kusinich won the pole is because the most millitant and the most get out the vote vanguard are the supporters of Dennis Kusinich!

Without these progressive militants the democratic party can’t win a straw vote or an election!..They are the necessary element that will bring victory to the democrats in the November elections!

But if Kusinich is not nominated by the democrats, the Kusinich followers, who are the most principaled activists of all so called progressives, will take a hike and start a third party or will write in Kusinich’s name in the general election on the democratic ballot!

It seems like a lot of SO CALLED progressives are victims of republican and media propaganda, that portrays Kusinich as a far out left wing nut case that cannot possibly win!

The truth is that they are afraid of him and his followers because he has everything it takes to win the general election and show them up as the weak compromising sell out opportunists that they are!

Fight FASCISM don’t COMPROMISE with MEDIOCRITY!…Get behind the best man!

Get behind Dennis Kusinich!


November 1, 2007

The powers that be,… are intent on being a world imperialist force on the planet!…The players that are taking on this role are in both, the democratic and the republican parties!

To succeed they must silence all opposition to their grand design for dominance in the world!

The nations and individuals within those nations, that are opposed to their grand design, will be declared enemies and terrorists,… they will be confronted by the Military Industrial Complex and the C.I.A .

The Fascists of the world will have a field day exterminating those that oppose the powers that be!

Anyone with any common sense should know by now that the democratic process is deliberately being subverted,..It is being subverted by people in high places in government, in the media, and in business!

At this point in time, we the people are very weak, and they, our totalitarians are very strong!…

I don’t think that you can depend on a single leader to effect a drastic change from the direction that we are going in!…Their is too much at stake and the forces that had waited a long time and had been ruthless in their crusade to seize power, will not voluntarily give that power up!

It will take a force equal in strength to that of the combined force of the military industrial complex, and the fascists aligned with them to seriously be a challenge to their totalitarian rule!

I hope that Kucinich can get elected and keep from getting assassinated by the enemies of the people, and can bring sanity back into our political life! …

I hope that I am exaggerating the situation that exists. and that I am dead wrong on what I perceive as being our political reality!….

If I am not wrong than the only solution would be REVOLUTION!