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Don’t Rationalize! .. Nationalize!

November 24, 2008


The private sector is begging the hated public sector to bail them out so they can continue to fail in doing what they have been doing in the past in the same old non profitable way.

I say …”Don’t rationalize! Nationalize!

Let the government take over the Auto Industry and manage it so that the government can make a profit and with that profit the government can rebuild it’s crumbling infrastructure and help those that can no longer help themselves in this tanking economy.

Capitalism is dying! The crying of the auto industry is the death rattle of a economic system that let easy credit slit it’s throat and bury it in a pile of worthless debt. The unregulated captains of industry feeding off of unproductive wars and pure greed and exploitation are guilty of murderous, bloodletting and torture all over the world. Capitalism is dead! Good riddance!