Money, Power and the BUSH FAMILY!

The Bush family and the Binladen family, belong to the same club! They were and are, tied together by the one thing that all despots put above everything else, and that is MONEY!
Money and power has always been the most important pursuit of the Bush family, and they never were concerned about the tragedies that occurred as a consequence of their obsession for gaining this wealth and power.
It was financially expedient in the eyes of the Bush grandfather to financially back the rise of Hitler and the 3rd Reich to power in Germany in the early thirties. He also supported Hitler when we were at war with the Nazis and Fascists of the world!
The grand father’s son “The Gulf War President, Bush” as a C. I. A. director, conspired with Fascist despots, all over the world, so as to overthrow democratically elected governments all over the world! He took a page out of Hitler’s Mein Kamph and screamed that he was fighting Communism! He did this to deceive the American people, and make them think that he was fighting the good fight against an atheistic ideology!
The pretender to the highest office in the land, the incompetent and reckless shrub, is no different from his fascist loving grand father and father. During the time of his rule, he has attempted to systematically destroy our rights guaranteed by our constitution, he has established dangerous precedents, on the international as well as on the national stage, that puts in jeopardy, the planet’s environment as well as peaceful relationships between all nations and cultures on the planet.
President Bush’s fear tactics, that he learned from his, hero, Adolph Hitler, has created an atmosphere in the USA that has made it possible to carry out his obvious plan to radicalize America in the direction of Right Wing extremism.
The creation of a Fascist State and world where the 1% of the elite owners of America, rule totally without even the pretense of democracy, civil and human rights, is right around the corner, if you really care to look!!!
The hand writing is on the wall for those that can read and understand!

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