There are groups and there are individuals that will engage in conspiracies because it serves a particular interest to do so. To turn a blind eye to that irrefutable fact , is just plain stupid!
!t should be and probably is recognized by all sensible people that individuals, groups and economic classes are pitted one against the other because of the nature of the particular relationship.
What serves the best interest of a BUYER does not serve the best interest of a SELLER, because their interests are diametrically opposed to each other. A Buyer’s best interest is to buy low, and a seller’s best interest is to sell high! This is what is known as a “IRRECONCILABLE CONTRADICTION” in the relationship between the buyer and the seller.
It is reasonable to assume that it would be natural for the buyer and the seller to engage in conspiracies one against the other because it would serve their best interest to do so.
That is why it became necessary to pass “ANTI TRUST” legislation so as to protect the consumer from a monopoly and a conspiracy by BIG BUSINESS to fix prices that would exploit the buyer by forcing him to buy at a controlled high price.
The Government conspired to protect, the consumer from big business that conspired against the consumer.
The interest of “LABOR and CAPITAL” are diametrically opposed one against the other!
Their relationship is antagonistic because the relationship is based on the worker creating value by his labor and receiving value in the form of a wage that is not equal to the value that the worker created with his labor. That value that he produced and did not receive as a wage was the capitalist’s profit that was stolen or exploited from the worker.
Because of this relationship their is a natural conflict of interests that is manifested in this relationship that will naturally put capital and labor at each other’s throat, and will encourage class struggle and conspiracies, one against the other.
Most change that occurs does so, not by conspiracies, but by the natural flow of events.
The concentration of capital in increasingly fewer hands, is the natural expectation, when smaller sharks in the sea of competition are being swallowed by the larger sharks.
“PROGRESS” is a road that moves forward into the future! the opposite of progress is taking the road that leads backward into the past. By standing still not moving forward or backward is being stuck in the present without a thought of the past or the future.
I guess it all boils down to ” WHAT SIDE ARE YOU ON?”

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