Science is the Future!

As a DIALECTICAL MATERIALIST I would like to argue against the notion that PHILOSOPHY is or can be scientific, and that the ideas of philosophers can be regarded as a scientific truth.

“Dialectical Materialists” do not BELIEVE! They either, “KNOW”, or They “DO NOT KNOW!”

BELIEF is the absence of knowledge! That is why believers must rely on Faith to erase doubt from the equation.

Scientists rely on only EVIDENCE to understand what is real and objectively true.

Scientists approach the unknown with a open mind, as much as humanly possible so as to be objective and not subjective, and thereby prejudice their quest to make what is unknown, KNOWN.

Philosophers can only be “SUBJECTIVE” in their philosophical ideas. If they were not subjective, but objective in their understanding, they would not be “PHILOSOPHERS,” they would be “SCIENTISTS!”

Marxism is not a philosophy! It is a “SCIENCE”! A science of what is known of the past, the present, and consequently what will be the shape of our future. It is not what we as Marxists believe in. It is what we as marxist, KNOW as a scientific fact.

“Philosophy,” like “Religion,” is destined to be trashed and placed into the trash can of our backward past. The future belongs to “SCIENCE!”

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