March 27, 2007

I am a caucasion! I was active in the civil rights movement, at the beginning of the “modern day” civil rights movement, that I believe started with the “progressive movement”, that came into being during the failed attempt to elect Henry Agard Wallace president of the USA!
From that end of the world war-2 era until now, I believed that a new perspective on “Race Relations” was destined to become a modern day reality. This reality is the recognition by forward thinking people that “multi-culturalism” was to replace the no longer relevant idea suggested by the concept of America being a melting- pot where all cultures will blend and become an American culture.
It is my opinion that different cultures and races do not “blend” when the master race demands that every one that is different become like everyone else in the tribe so as to become “good americans.” or “one of us!”
Blending of different cultures and races, can only become a reality when all cultures and races are accepted as “equals!
By adding on to “that what was,” can only make “that what will be,” more profound and more complete!