Their are many “Conservatives” that are dirt poor! But seemingly what unites them is not INCOME but is a tendency to be very shallow in their thought process!

Conservatives cannot it seems, free themselves from the traditions that are no longer relevant to the constantly changing conditions, circumstances and situations that occur with the passage of time.

CONSERVATIVES, do not have the ability to soar above the forrest so as to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening inside the forest, and that is why they cannot see the forrest because of the trees.

Because of this surface understanding of what is happening all around them, Conservatives are inclined to not be aware of the true nature and character of a changing world that they fear is leaving them behind.

When you are able to see, understand and connect the past to the present and understand how the future will most likely unfold, then perhaps those that call themselves “Conservative,” will become smart enough to use their intellect, rather than their prejudices and primitive instincts, to survive and attempt to move forward in a changing world.

“Conservatives” have a dogmatic blind infatuation with the system of “CAPITALISM.”

The Conservatives appear blind to the fact that the system of capitalism has gone through many transformations, and is no longer a system of “FREE ENTERPRISE.” but has predictably changed from a system that was basically a competition inside a “FREE Market Economy of small business, to a Market Economy of basically a competition of LARGE CORPORATE Interests, with small business entities merging with the few corporate giants so as to survive in a fiercely competitive market place, …to a economic system, with a marketplace of cooperating global multi-nationals, that will increasingly control supply and demand inside a global marketplace, that will increasingly dominate and control and exploit economically all of the consumers and workers of the world.

Because every cause will create a predictable effect. The global market economy, that is planned and designed to profit the few by exploiting and dominating all those that are not a part of this world oligarchy will cause the effect of changing to the opposite of what exists.

That opposite is a Planned Economy that is designed to profit all of the people without discrimination on the planet earth.

It is my understanding, that to evolve, and to think on a level that is beyond instinct, and at the higher level that can be described as INTELLECT, is something that conservatives have not as yet been able to achieve.

Conservatives, it appears, had been born stupid, and most likely will die, stupid!

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