The RIGHT to benefit from society!

Those that are poor and receive charity from American institutions are humbled, and expected to be thankful for the privilege of receiving that what no longer makes them needy, according to the thinking of today’s conservatives.

It was regarded as a privilege in the olden days for the poor to receive from the aristocracy much needed bread crumbs and sustenance so as to stay alive.

They were expected to kiss the feet of those that fed them!

Today in this modern environment, those that are in need of a helping hand are no longer regarded as beggars that need to be dehumanized so as to receive help within our economy.

Our society has evolved and has created laws and civilized our customs so that in today’s environment a living wage and government assistance is regarded not as a “Privilege,” but as a “Right” that is guaranteed by the laws of the land!

The conservatives that like to lord it over the poor and make them feel less of a human being than those that have wealth, act exactly like the Aristocrats and Nobility under the system of Feudalism.

The “Rich” and “Well Born” in that day and age lorded over the Serfs, and the poor and expected them to grovel for the privilege of receiving their meager sustenance.

Thanks to the American Union movement and to the Progressive actions of enlightened humanitarians the old sick customs are dying and the future will no longer debase people because of income.

Helping your fellow man will no longer be regarded as “charity” or a “PRIVILEGE!”

It will be regarded by all civilized societies as a “RIGHT!”

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