The March of Time!

Time marches on!… Abraham Lincoln declared war on the Southern Confederacy because the Southern Confederacy was organized to separate the southern states from the United States of America!

This was definitely TREASON against the nation of the UNITED States of America!

By choosing to separate from our nation would have weakened our nation relative to the existing NATIONS in the world.
Constitutionally the Federal Government has supremacy over the States in many areas.

The recent court ruling regarding LAWS ON IMMIGRATION, has affirmed that it would not be in the best interest of the Nation as a whole to have all of the states have their separate immigration laws.

The concept that the best way to rule is to have individual states determine the laws of the land, is a concept that would weaken us as a nation and divide us so that we will no longer be a “United States of America.”

THE “GOOD OLe Southern Boys are way behind the times! The past is dead and buried and will never return and see the light of day.

Our Nation is no longer a strictly NATIONAL ENTITY. It is increasingly being replaced by the economic system of GLOBALISM.

The “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ruled by a Cooperating Capitalist Olagarchy that will design a world planned economy that will make the NATION STATE unnecessary as they conspire with the largest global capitalists to control supply and demand and exploit to the greatest degree all of the Consumers and Workers of the world.

The old concept of NATIONS will not exist as the economies of the world become one big organized “oligarchy” that plans to dominate and control the people of the world and will do so because it can!

Every “cause” creates an “effect” so this control of the people of the world by controlling what sustains them, will cause the dominated and controlled class victims to naturally rebel against these revolting conditions, and put into place the opposite of what exists.

That opposite would be a world wide planned economy planned to satisfy all of the needs of all of the people in the world without discrimination.

The greed of the profit gathering capitalist oligarchy will obviously reap havoc on the world’s resources and render our planet in bad shape.

Perhaps it will be at this point in time when economic classes no longer exists, that humanity will be able to repair all of the environmental damage.

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