The popularity of the “Tea Party” crowd has been greatly exagerated!

The people in America recognize this so called “Tea Party Movement” as “Comedy Relief” that will eventually be laughed out of existence,

The Republican party has been tainted by the poison that is “The Tea Party Movement,” and will probably never recover from “Tea Party Sickness!” A sickness that is narrow minded and bigoted to such an extreme that average Americans can’t help but be repulsed by this paranoid detached from reality hateful group of “mal-adjusted citizens.”

I personaly would like to see the broken Republican Party elect as candidates for the general election the weirdos that call themselves “Tea Partiers,”

In the general election. If the Democrats are pitted against Republican Tea Partiers, they, the democrats, will KILL the Republicans, and the Republicans will no longer be a viable political party within our two party system.

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One Comment on “TEA PARTY MOVEMENT!”

  1. Love your post. This needs to be said. You should read what I have to say at http://www.satireNow.com.

    Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Barack Obama will never have to know you’ve visited.

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