It is apparent to those that have an understanding of how all things evolve on the planet and the universe! It’s rudimentary knowledge to those that have a brain that can follow a line of logic that will take you from the beginning of something, to a logical conclusion!

With the passage of time it is logical and natural to assume that with all things being equal technology and our scientific knowledge about all things that are important about humanity and it’s environment will increase to the extent that we will evolve to a higher more humane level. It is logical to assume that we will become “SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC BEINGS” that will take care of each other and take care of our planet EARTH!

The nature of people and also of animals, are to reflect and react to their surroundings.

In an environment of scarcity for that what is necessary to live and to thrive, all living things become aggressive and competitive so that they can get what is needed, before it runs out, and they are left with nothing. That what is scarce and what everyone wants becomes a STATUS SYMBOL, so the more you have of what everyone wants the more status you have in the community.

All of the above is not true and the opposite becomes the reality in an environment of enough to go around to satisfy everyones need.

Why would you need laws to control people in a social gathering when everyone is contented and secure with the knowledge that they have all what is needed and are striving to gain status and prestige by not what material things that they can gather unto themselves, but by what they can contribute to others, in the realm of the developing technologies, sciences, art, music, literature, medicine etc. etc.

Communists have said that when humanity arrives at this juncture of civilized living, that you will have an “ADMINISTRATION OF THINGS, NOT PEOPLE!”
That a new type of person will evolve out of an environment that is social, cooperative and materially secure, and that new type of humanity will be a “SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC BEING” that will have no need to have an administration enforcing laws so people would be social and compatible with their society.
A social scientific being will automatically understand the nature of his surroundings and how to improve his surroundings.

I am sure that their are those that would struggle to keep this “Communism” from becoming our reality! but in the scheme of things to come, all that exists evolves eventually to something that was better than what existed before. That is the nature of evolution. All things are an improvement over what occurred in the past. so like it or not, what will be will be, because there will be no other way for it to be!

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