Their are some conservatives that advocate for limited government and their are some that argue for the immediate elimination of all government activity and to replace government functions with pivate sector control.
The latest Supreme Court Ruling that allows the unlimited use of corporate money for the purpose of influencing the direction of all government activity, is an example of the private sector’s attempt to overthrow the constitution of the USA and render public service no longer able to further the interest of the general public by the promoting the well being of the people as a whole!
The economic resources of big capital will smother any attempt by average americans to get their message before the public and the private sector’s rule will be, “THE PUBLIC BE DAMNED!”
The overwhelming power of unlimited capital that can be used for lobbying and buying off politicians the media and other opportunists in the private and public sectors of our economy, and dictating to all americans the way we should think vote and act can only be described as the beginning of a fascist America where the private sector will rule with out the pretense of being a democracy. The direct Rule of finance capital has always been understood as the rule of FASCISM!
If those of you that think that I am an alarmist with regard to what I have just written, will have a rude awakening when social security and all of our benefits and safety nets that are suppoed to protect us, especially during bad times are no longer regarded as desirable because they are a negative force, that is used against the maximizing of profits inside the marketplace.

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  1. jonolan Says:

    You forget – or choose to ignore for the sake of fostering class warfare and/or furthering a Socialist agenda – that the unions (may they, their misborn kin, and all who actively or tacitly support rot in Hell) receive the same abilities as the corporations by this ruling.

    You also forget, or choose to ignore, that the SCOTUS rendered a constitutionally correct judgment, despite it being one that we both – for disparate reasons obviously – dislike.

  2. despicable Says:

    It all comes down to proportion! The amount of power and money that can be generated by international capital, dwarfs the amount of money and influence of organized labor.
    Global Capitalism will transform our nation state to that of a “One World Global Capitalist Empire and our nation and all nation states will eventually cease to exist.
    The rule of “International Finance Capital” is the classical definition of “Fascism!”
    The world of the “Multi Nationals,” will bring about the demise of the competitive free enterprise capitalist system and bring into existence the system of a controled and manipulated world wide capitalism that controls supply and demand and buying cheap and selling high for those that control the world wide capitalist system.
    All of this fascist economic and political world power will end when the world forces of socialism and communism decides to end it.

  3. jonolan Says:

    If anything of what you say is true, why is it then that unions have over the last couple of decades been the largest subsidizers of the politicians instead of the corporations with the exception of AT&T?

    As for your use of “fascism” as an argument – it’s both spurious and ill-informed.

    As for your thoughts on the forces socialism and communism bringing down America – that’s laughable, but go ahead and try it if your sick of life. I and the rest of America will simply exterminate you, your misborn offspring, and your ideology itself by removing you all from history.

  4. The power of corporations that control the way we think, through their union, the A.M.A the and the Chamber of “Commerce, dwarfs the dwindling power of organized labor.
    The “National Media,” that survives and prospers by the purchase of “Advertising by large corporations controls to a large extent the way the public thinks and acts regarding our “National Interest.”
    What is astonishing is your ignorance of not knowing what is presently transpiring before your eyes, regarding your so called “Free Enterprise System.
    The former “Free Enterprise System” has transformed itself, It is now a “Controlled Private Enterprise System” that is no longer a “National Economic System” it is no longer “National” in character, but it is “Global” in character!
    The “New World Order” has taken over your beloved “Free Enterprise System” and it is now a world oligarchy that will eliminate the “Nation State” in the USA and throughout the world.
    Say hello to the “NEW WORLD ORDER!”
    When “FINANCE CAPITAL rules the world without the pretense of a “Democracy, you have what is the classic definition of a “World Fascist System” of capitalist rule.
    This new world order will take over from national capitalist rule by the elimination of “Nation States’ as viable entities and will become the totalitarian rulers that will no longer compete with other capitalist entities, but they will cooperate with each other to control supply and demand and control the environment of when to sell high and buy cheap, throughout the entire world!
    All consumers will be at their mercy and your beloved capitalists will rule with an iron hand.
    If you are a “FASCIST,” I am sure you will welcome that what is just around the corner. If you are a “Libertarian” you should be ashamed of yourself for not recognizing that what is so close to becoming our reality.
    The only thing that can save us from the “Capitalist New World Order,” is to bring about a “New World Order,” that has a world planned economy that plans to produce to satisfy all of the needs of the people in the world equally without discrimination.

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