It is impossible for a closed mind to be open to new ideas and historical facts that are new and different from what they are familiar with. History is full of dead heads that refuse to learn from the experience of others and refuse to acknowledge that they are wrong headed about that which they were convinced was true. It is a fact that those that are on the right wing of the political spectrum from the beginning of time to the present day represent a thought process that is grounded in refusing to stubornly accept anything that is different from what existed in the past. “What is good enough for my daddy is good enough for me!” is the popular refrain from conservative Right Wingers! They are traditionalists and so they will always fight against those that argue for necessary change and for a better future than what existed in the past and what exists in the present. Progressives from the beginning of time have organized movements that struggled against those that insisted that women are not equal and are inferior in every way to the men in the family and they should be treated as slaves. The separation of the races and the attitude of suppremacy was and is a concept that was and is promoted by Right Wingers and fought against by the progressive left wingers from the time of slavery to the present day. The period of the enlightenment was a movement that progressives attached themselves to and they fought the Right Wingers of that day that insisted on encouraging superstition, ignorance, blind belief in the dogmas of the church, torture, and anti science! Modernism, Science, and advances in technology are causes that progressives have historically struggled to advance, and those on the Right have consistantly fought against these modern advances in our environment. It is the Right Wing of the political spectrum that has advocated the dropping of the big bomb and nuking them into the stone age! This act of atrocity had never been uttered by progressives, only by the political Right Wing! Torture has always been opposed by the Movement of Progressives and advocated by the Right Wing movements. It is the Left Wing movemente that have historicaly been on the moral high ground, It is they that organized movements against the death penalty, and to protect our environment from those on the Right that would sacrafice our environment on the alter of Republican greed. By struggling together the progressive movement has been the cause that has ignited the imagination of those that had formerly been oppressed to move forward and throw off their chains that had shackled them to Right Wing oppression! It is and was always the political Right Wing that championed the Priviliged classes of slave owners large land owners, large capitalists and those that ruled with an iron hand, These Right Wing despots hated and oppressed those that were poor and disadvantaged. But history has shown us that eventually the worm turns and what had previously existed the opposite will occur.

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