Nations like everything in the universe, … if it does not come together and grow to it’s full potential, … it will fall apart and cease to exist!

It is the natural flow of events that government and the nations that it represents at it’s evolutionary beginnings will be small and innocent like a small child. But in time it will grow and mature and eventually will die and go out of existence. and be replaced by something that is more compatible with the constantly changing environment, circumstances and situations that exists at a particular point in time.

To say that all change is bad is the same as saying that all progress is bad, and should be avoided. ..This is typical of conservatives and Right Wingers that in a child like way, refuse to see the obvious, and cling to the past without understanding the present and the natural movement toward the future.

I hate to shock the sensibilities of you “Reactionary Righties”, but everything that exists will eventually change to the opposite of what was!

All NATIONS because out of necessity, will have to come together and become like a global village and individual nations will cease to exist.

The center of commerce at the beginning of the establishing of nations, were centered in the rural areas. In the USA, King Cotton ruled and provincialism was the “Way Of Life. But America changed and naturally became more mature. The Center of Commerce became established away from the countryside and toward the towns and villages, and then economic power came to the cities. After that States became the center of commerce, and after that power was centered in the Federal Government. Now we have the Global Economy and through all these steps of maturing economic growth the anti progressive Right Wingers had and are in opposition to every step of the way of this economic growth.

Nations and Nationalism had a beginning and it, like everything in existence will eventually come to an end. It’s predictable that the global economy will cause the effect of the people in the world to not separate but to come together as earthlings and to cooperate and not to compete for domination as people had done in the past. Common interest will cause humanity to establish a planned world economy so that they can use the world’s advanced technology to satisfy the needs of all earthlings everywhere.
The entire earth and all of the people on the earth can and will prosper under the conditions of cooperation.

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