Moderates Rule!

It seems that the right wing base of the republican party is confused as to where the majority of people that call themselves “Republicans” are now moving towards.
At the best of times the base of the Republican Party has only represented 30% of the republican party. The 70% of Republicans that no longer feel the hate and fear that is generated by the Republican base, towards minorities and those of different religions. The Ideas promoted by “Religious Fundamentalism” is too similar to that which is promoted by the “Taliban” to be acceptable to most thinking Republicans!
The economic ideas of conservative “Libertarians” are not attractive to Moderate Republicans. The position taken by the Republican Base on “torture” has turned off most Moderates toward the Republicans, and they have joined the Democrats as a consequence, The followers of Reganism feel alienated from the ideology of the “Republican Base.” And all of these “lost souls” will join the Democrats or stay home and not vote.
If the “Left Wing Base” of the Democrats split and start a Third Party, the moderates will swarm into the ranks of the more relevant democrats and the right wing republican base will join the ranks of those that are a part of our dead, (no longer relevant ) past!
The “Republican Party” will become a part of our past history, and the “south will never rise again!”

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One Comment on “Moderates Rule!”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    Mr. Walters,

    It’s funny for you to comment on what Republicans and Libertarians are doing . You don’t know us, you don’t read our stuff. You only read what other left wingers write about us, yet you believe you know what motivates us and what we will be doing in the future. Want to take bets on this fall’s election ?

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