Social Transformation!

It is certainly possible to give economic security and produce a material abundance for all of the people in the world, It is possible to eliminate scarcity and material deprivation and by doing so you can create a new type of individual that has a new human nature that reflects his secure environment so that their will no longer be the need to be in conflict with the environment and with the people inside that environment.
What makes this new social condition possible is the modern advances in science and technology that can and will transform what exists today under the conditions of artificial scarcity into a world economy, of from each according to their ability and to each according to their need!
This condition of a world wide social cooperation will come to be, because if the planet is to survive and if future generations are to be born, it can only be so if the people on the planet cooperate in doing so,
The end of the individual competitive era of scarcity, will be transformed into a beginning of the social cooperative era of plenty! …Thanks to the increasing development of modern technology and the new increasing developments in science!

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